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Important Announcement


Cropwatch is running a survey aimed at essential oil users experiences with any adverse reactions to using TTO (tea-tree oil)


One of the conclusions of the SCCP committee's opinion on TTO stated that


"The safety dossier on tea tree oil is incomplete and gaps (e.g. genotoxic data etc.)" see


Two weeks ago, Cropwatch wrote to the European Commission to ask for a time extension to complete a survey of the frequency of any adverse end-user effects from tea tree oil, by the actual end-users of tea tree oil.


As Cropwatch said in the letter "This is a matter completely unaddressed by the SCCP Opinion, who have merely relied on a somewhat restricted literature search for information. The latter have brought up some published (& often over-alarmist) single and multiple case studies on alleged instances of tea tree sensitisation in the dermatological literature, which often do not firmly establish specific causality for the effects presented, or carry out further investigation using tea tree oil. "


Cropwatch is asking all essential oil users to please complete the survey.  If you have never seen or experienced any adverse reactions to TTO please still fill out the questionnaire, if only as an aromatherapist, to estimate how many treatments you give in one year and how many with TTO included. so that we can get an accurate over-all picture. 


All those who have already responded with your stories please will you  complete the survey as well.


Please feel free to pass on this email to any essential oil user colleagues, lists, practitioner associations


We will be expanding the project to include a survey for essential oil sellers in due course.


Please help and do your bit...



Kendra Kirkham