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Further background can be found via the SACN press release, 23 November 2005.

ANH comment

Folic acid fortification of white bread will encourage people into thinking white bread is a healthy food when it is one of the least healthy foods around. Obesity affects 22% of the adult population and high GI white bread should be restricted in diets, not encouraged. White bread is a bad delivery system for nutrients as it doesn't allow accurate control of dosage because people eat such varying amounts.

What do you do if you are already taking a multivitamin containing 400 mcg of folic acid? Do you stop taking it and then risk not getting enough vitamin A, C, D or E, or zinc, selenium or iron?

Also the form used for fortification with folic acid will be the pharmaceutical (synthetic) monoglutamate form, not the 5-methyl-tetrahydrofolate form that exists in green vegetables like spinach. We should be encouraging healthy eating of whole foods (eg whole grain breads, green vegetables) that are rich in B vitamins including folates and vitamin B12, together with providing information about optional supplementation.

Mass medication of highly processed foods is not compatible with healthy living.