Message from Isobel Bradley, ANH Campaign Administrator
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I am aware from the volume of incoming emails that there is a large amount of confusion regarding the Codex issue. We are receiving emails from people saying everything from “I have just read a US website that says all our supplements will be banned within months, and if so, my life won't be worth living” to “Major trade organisations are telling us that there is nothing to worry about”.

All of this contributes to understandable confusion, and we appreciate that it is making many people feel despondent.

The reality is that all of this means different things to different people. What can be said for sure, however, is that Codex won't cause all supplements to be banned in a matter of months. Codex will however have very serious impacts in the longer-term, especially if the risk assessment system that it proposes to use to establish maximum allowed dosages is not changed over the coming months.

However, please don't feel despondent. Not all is lost by any means, despite the acceptance of Codex texts in Rome at the meeting of the Codex Alimentarius Commission last Monday. There is still latitude to move things forward in the interests of consumer freedom of choice, particularly with regard to the precise nature of the ‘scientific risk assessment' methods to be used within Codex. This is the area that we at ANH are focusing a lot of our attention on. The next Codex meeting in Bonn, Germany this November, will be critical to determining the final outcome and of course central to new information on this issue is the independent risk/safety-benefit assessment project being undertake by the Netherlands-based HAN Foundation, commissioned by the ANH on 27 June.

All the other projects being undertaken by the ANH will also help greatly to protect consumer freedom of choice, should they be successfully accomplished. But without your support, we cannot succeed. Critical to us right now is funding for:

    • Website and server fees to cover additional bandwidth usage caused by unprecendented visits to the ANH website and viewings of the We Become Silent documentary by Kevin Miller (viewable from the banner at the top of the ANH homepage). Please view this documentary and make a donation.
    • Legal fees for our proposed new legal challenge to the EU Human Medicinal Products (Pharmaceuticals) Directive, which also incorporates a challenge to the Traditional Medicinal Products Directive
    • Ground-breaking technical, scientific and legal work on risk assessment science and other global legislative threats
    • Professional Public Affairs (lobbying) and Public Relations campaigns
    • Very modest costs of administration, required to run our global campaign organisation



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I hope this goes some way to clarifying the confusion.

Many thanks for your support and interest in this complex but vital field, which centres on the protection of medical freedom of choice and the ability to access natural health approaches.

And please, never give up - we certainly won't!

Kind regards

Isobel Bradley

Campaign Administrator
Alliance for Natural Health
email: [email protected]