'Wi-fi networks must be removed from schools to stop children getting cancer,' teachers insist

Source: Daily Mail, UK

Laura Clark

8th April 2009

Wireless 'wi-fi' technology should be removed from schools to prevent millions of children suffering a heightened risk of cancer and sterility, teachers demanded yesterday.

The Association of Teachers and Lecturers called for classroom wireless networks to be suspended immediately until research has properly considered the threat to health.

Members said they were concerned by scientific reports linking wi-fi with impaired concentration, loss of short-term memory, chromosome damage and increased incidence of cancer.

Risk: Teachers are concerned by scientific reports linking wi-fi with chromosome damage and increased incidence of cancer

But there have been no long-term studies into the health effects, they said, even though 70 per cent of secondary schools and 50 per cent of primaries have already introduced it.

Wi-fi systems use high frequency radio waves to transmit and receive data over distances of several hundred feet.

They allow users to surf the internet on demand within range of a wireless transmitter and remove the need to connect via a cable.

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ANH Comment:

We are so encouraged to see the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) debate move to the mainstream media given the wealth of research showing the risks of wireless technology.  Whilst the comments from readers below the article could give the impression that consumers are not concerned or that there is no issue, we assure you that isn't the case.  Getting information into the mainstream media which can seriously dent the profits of big corporations (who support the media industry through their advertising) is never an easy task.  So whilst the majority of consumers are still uninformed and uninitiated, there is a powerful minority campaigning to reduce the risks to our health. 

Electrohypersensitivity is a growing problem as we are all bombarded by increasing numbers of low-frequency electro-magnetic radiation sources.  Children are among the most vulnerable.  Anyone who says the combined effect of all these technologies is both known and can be guaranteed as safe, clearly doesn't know what they are taking about. You can find more information on the current research and evidence available from our EMR Campaign.

The ANH is so convinced that the combined effects of radiation emanating from wireless technology, mobile phones, cordless DECT phones, microwaves and mobile phone masts presents a major health risk that we have submitted a petition to the EU Petitions Committee.  The petition has been deemed 'admissible' and we expect to hear imminently what action is to be taken.

To find out practical steps on how you and most especially your children can avoid harmful low frequency electromagnetic radiation sources read our ANH Tips to Reduce your Exposure to EMR.

We wholeheartedly support this move to suspend wireless technology in schools until further research is undertaken, but of course removing wireless networks on it's own will be insufficient to deal with a problem that results from multiple sources of exposure.  Forcing mobile and DECT phone manufacturers to reduce EMR emissions and reducing usage of mobile phones and increasing the availability of radiation control devices e.g. air tubes, will be among key steps that should be taken to safeguard children.


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