ANH calls for effective action to halt the relentless advance of GM   

Source: Carina Perkins, Food, 17th September 2009


The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) is to seek consumer views on genetically modified (GM) foods, through the formation of an independent steering group.

"The agency said that it is forming the group in response a government request that it lead a dialogue project to explore the subject of genetic modification (GM) with consumers". 

"The FSA said that the steering group will include stakeholders from a number of different areas. A spokesperson was unable to confirm exactly what groups will be included"

…"The spokesperson was also unable to comment on exactly how the group’s findings might influence government policy on GM, but said that the FSA is committed to transparency on the issue, and will publish updates on its website as appropriate".

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ANH Comment

Its great to be able to feel we have a say in matters of such vital importance, and an independent steering group sounds like a move in the right direction, but what ultimately matters is:

1.    Are consumer views really going to make a difference, or are they going to be overridden if we don’t stop resisting the biotech industry’s desire to give us diets containing ever-increasing quantities of GM ingredients?

2.    What decisions are actually going to be made at the end of the consultation period, and by whom? Who stands to gain (and to lose) from that decision?

3.    Will governments, their agencies, authorities and legislators finally acknowledge the very grave risks associated with GM technology, to all human, animal and plant life on our planet, or will they continue to deny these and play them down as negligible?

Many of us are becoming familiar with the way governments and health authorities appear to go about managing the fate of our health. While consumer protection is regularly cited as a key objective of government policy, we continue to see a drive that amounts to us being exposed to more and more potentially harmful chemicals in our food and water (e.g. GMO, additives and fluoridewhile simultaneously restricting our access to beneficial nutrients.

The pressure on EU Member States to accept GM foods continues to mount and Big Food in Europe has conceded that it might be 'unable' to maintain a GM-free supply chain.

Our conclusion? The hand of large corporations working intimately with governments is apparent.


European citizens: have you let you MEP know how you feel? See point 2 of our Get Involved page and write to your MEP!

Everyone everywhere: don't forget to use your 'consumer power', and vote with your ‘wallets’, ‘feet’ or ‘fork’.