The Alliance for Natural Health International received this call to action from Health Freedom New Zealand and felt it necessary to support them in whatever way we can.

The document in question, the Consultation Paper for The Development of a Natural Health Products Bill, was published by the New Zealand Ministry of Health and covers areas of natural health products such as safety of ingredients, health claims and advertising. Some of the key elements of the proposed scheme are:

  • a list of prohibited ingredients
  • a list of permitted low-level natural health products claims
  • advertising rules

Health Freedom New Zealand have some major concerns over what is in the document.

Please read below and take action if you can.




Draft Document Complete in Response to Govt Document

Source: Health Freedom New Zealand, 6th May 2010

Responses due 17th May 2010

After a tremendous amount of effort from several dedicated individuals we now have a template available to assist you to write your responses to the Consultation Paper for The Development of a Natural Health Products Bill. PLEASE NOTE - it is not a Bill.

There is a lot of misinformation going around the email circuit and we have had lots of text messages and irate phone calls about needing to get into action and get petitions out against the Bill. It is important that everyone fully read our bulletins to understand the facts.

While there are a number of issues HFNZ was alarmed and concerned about as outlined on our website and previous news releases, we have taken part in several discussion meetings, listened attentively, made our recommendations where appropriate and therefore have not been left out of the process.

This is positive, and we encourage all of our members (and members of the public) to complete responses and send them before the deadline of 17th May. In doing this you will participate in shaping how natural health products and traditional medicines are regulated in the future.

Being a Consultation Paper that the Government has asked you to respond to with your comments and suggestions, that is the most appropriate form of communication at this stage. Sending your response to your local MP would also be a good idea so they can be informed when it comes time to debate the Bill.


We understand that the MoH and MP’s have been contacted directly with what has been described as 'hate mail' and obtuse phone calls. This is counter productive. We are confident that this communication has not been initiated by any of our members.

We encourage all members to be courteous and respectful without "gushing". People who think members of parliament and government officials pay little or no attention to constituent mail are incorrect. Concise, well considered personal letters are one of the most effective ways New Zealanders have of influencing law-makers. Letters or responses that ramble on without productive and constructive argument tend to look like they’ve come from a raving lunatic, and might get treated as such. This time round, we have been consulted and asked for comment.

Please go to our website, and click the Login button (top right). You can register to enter the forum and download the PDF file, copy and paste into your own document and write your responses using our comments in red as a starting point. Delete what you do not agree with, clearly and simply state what you believe we have missed out, and make this response your own.

Remember, our comments are just a guide. Further instructions are in the forum. Duplicated responses may receive initial attention, but rarely much consideration, and may end up being lumped together. Therefore it is important to have your submission reflect your personal views.

Thank you for your attention at this important time in shaping the future on New Zealands Natural Health Industry.


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