Study reveals kids with highest number of vaccinations have lowest survival rates

In the northern hemisphere, as we enter winter, many people are asked the question “are you going to have your flu vaccine?”. For many, immunity is something that they believe, or that they are led to believe, must be built up artificially in this way.

For babies and children in the United States, it is mandatory that their ‘immunity’ comes from their ‘shots’—or rather a whole series of shots. Twenty six doses during the first year of life, to be precise.

No government would have come up with this staggering schedule without looking at its overall impact on children’s health. Or would it?

US tops infant mortality rates in developed world

As a matter of fact, some shocking evidence emerged earlier this year. A study by Neil Z Miller and Gary S Goldman was published in the journal Human and Experimental Toxicology. The findings suggest that, in the developed world, a heavy vaccination schedule is associated with LOWER childrens’ survival rates as compared with those babies receiving fewer vaccination doses! The US study in question looked at data from 24 developed nations, and found that US babies top the list of infant mortality rates (IMRs)! Yet they receive the highest number of vaccination doses!

Conversely, nations with lower (better) infant mortality rates give their babies, on average, less vaccine doses.

Is over-vaccination killing children?

The positive correlation, discovered from the study data, between higher infant mortality rates and the number of vaccination doses, begs the crucial question: are some infant deaths directly associated with over-vaccination?

The authors are at pains to call for further investigation into this very disturbing trend. They also conclude that "All nations—rich and poor, advanced and developing—have an obligation to determine whether their immunization schedules are achieving their desired goals."

In the US, that appears to be a task that might be entrusted to the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Only problem is, the CDC are embroiled in a damaging scandal or two, one of which actually suggests that the organisation has gone to extraordinary lengths to cover up the dangers of vaccination, due to its persistent ties to industry. A very serious ‘Catch 22’ situation if ever there was one, and something that needs to be urgently addressed!

Natural immunity

Ideally, aside from parents making an informed choice about which vaccinations their children might need for additional protection, the immune systems of babies and children can be strengthened by various natural means. Nature provided us with the most sophisticated system to protect us from the many harmful bugs that exist out there. But it beggars belief that such a large sector of the medical profession seems so disinterested in finding ways to keep our immune system as finely tuned as possible. These very same docs probably put premium quality oils in their cars, and get them serviced bang on schedule, but maintenance and fine tuning of the human body tends not to be high on their agendas.

Among the various options, perhaps the most important processes at the beginning of life are vaginal deliveries and breast feeding by a nutritionally balanced mother. After weaning, providing babies and children with a healthy and varied diet, consisting of quality proteins, fats and complex carbohydrates (mainly from vegetable and fruit sources as opposed to from grains), a good range of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients are of key importance. Sleep and a happy, secure home environment will help immensely too, as will minimising exposure to toxins and electro-magnetic radiation (EMRs).

No less important, much evidence has now emerged that vitamin D has profound effects on innate immunity, and that vitamin D status and exposure to sunlight play a hugely significant role in resistance and recovery from disease.

Call to action

Vaccination is a freedom of choice issue. Parents need to have all the information available to them before they make a choice about how they manage their children’s health.

If you are a US citizen and worried about the mandatory vaccination schedule for babies and children, please see the ‘Protect Our Children’ campaign: Runaway Vaccine Schedules Action Alerts, and act on those you feel strongly about.

If you live in Europe, or are concerned about the MMR vaccination in particular, please see /campaigns/vaccine-choice/mmr-vaccine, and check out the paragraph entitled ‘What to do?’.

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