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Our website: a huge store of information

Anyone who has had a good look around the ANH-Europe website will know that we have a wealth of information posted, and that we are extremely dedicated, thorough and meticulous in our reporting of events. It’s a tricky job pitching the information just right for the diverse range of people coming to the site, but we’re committed to always improving and we learn from all your feedback. 

Visitors to our site and supporters include a wide group of people: from members of the public in over 100 countries to doctors, practitioners and their patients; and from natural product companies, manufacturers and distributors to government regulators, scientists and academic institutions. Our visitors include those who want to take responsibility for their own health, those who want a better world and those who are simply interested in the work that we do. So getting the messages right to suit everyone’s information needs is an ongoing journey for us and we’re still growing and learning! The website isn’t the only information portal we use, though. While it holds the full breadth and depth of our content and is an amazingly comprehensive resource of documents, press releases and news items, we also use Facebook and Twitter to offer interesting tidbits, links and short comments. 

We understand that time is the big issue for most people, and that’s where our e-Alerts come in. Plus, we've moved to a weekly, rather than monthly, format to keep them shorter!

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