The Promise to tell the truth about mammography

“[Imagine] an asymptomatic woman walking along the high street, having a mammogram and then, 2 weeks later, being told she’s got to have a mastectomy. This is so cruel it should make you weep.” These are the word of Emeritus Professor Michael Baum of University College London, taken from a new film entitled The Promise.  If you’re European and female, especially if you’re aged over 50, you owe it to yourself and your female friends, family and acquaintances to investigate what The Promise has to say.

GM labelling opponents running scared

While the official results of the 5th November GM labelling vote in the US state of Washington are still to be announced, it’s looking like the mandate may not pass by a narrow margin. Given that the anti-labelling side outspent the pro- side two to one, and broke the law during campaigning, it’s clear that opponents of GM labelling can see the writing on the wall

UK school hosts international WiFi expert

Neuroscientist Professor Olle Johansson of Sweden’s Karolinska Institute is a world expert on the dangers of man-made electromagnetic fields (EMFs), which increasingly submerge us all in a sea of ‘WiFi’.  On 7th November at Michael Hall School in Forest Row, UK, he gave a science-filled yet entertaining introduction to the perils of widespread EMF utilisation to a highly engaged audience that include ANH-Intl’s Adam Smith. As a flavour of his presentation, here’s Prof Johansson answering two key questions about how EMFs can affect both DNA and fertility.

It’s winter: must be flu jab time!

As the weather gets colder, the yearly push for people to get a flu jab kicks into gear. We’ve pointed out before how ineffective the adult flu jab is according to an exhaustive review by the crème-de-la-crème of the evidence-based medicine movement, the Cochrane Collaboration. It’s a similar story in healthy children“National policies for the vaccination of healthy young children are based on very little reliable evidence” – and the elderly“Until such time as the role of vaccines for preventing influenza in the elderly is clarified, more comprehensive and effective strategies for the control of acute respiratory infections should be implemented.” This is one vaccine where, in our opinion, the risks clearly outweigh the benefits.


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