We can hardly believe it! Nearly three years of work for Meleni Aldridge's team are about to come to fruition as ANH-Intl’s new spin-off initiative, Bite the Sun (BTS), launches in London tomorrow (Thursday 10th July). We offer a heartfelt welcome for those coming onboard!

24 hours to go!

The website is undergoing final testing, data will continue to be uploaded for at least part of the night, the built-in app is ready to go, the guests are confirmed, and....the Bite the Sun and ANH-Intl team will somehow all find ourselves in the RIBA venue at 66 Portland Place in London at 18:00h GMT so that Bite the Sun can introduce itself to the world!

We’re excited.  Very excited.

Bite the Sun: health empowerment of individuals

But why exactly are we so fired-up about Bite the Sun (BTS) – and why should you care?  One reason is that BTS distils the reams of health information on the European website of ANH-Intl, and beyond, into bite-sized (pun intended), fun and engaging pieces.  This puts the tools for health transformation directly into the hands of you, the Bite the Sun community member – a path to vibrant wellness that is yours to choose, whether you prefer the data-led ‘track me’ pathway or the more intuitive ‘engage me’ route.

Plus there’s the innovative use of social media that allows sharing of ideas, experiences and stories with your BTS tribe.  As we pointed out last week, BTS is the perfect medium to preserve and disseminate useful health information.  In the era of the European Union’s (EU’s) Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation (NHCR), that makes BTS a vital public service.

Top-down versus bottom-up

Speaking of the NHCR, let's not forget it was a specific policy initiative that was meant to deal with the obesity-related disease in Europe as part of the EU's 5-year anti-obesity strategy. As is almost universally agreed, even by the European Commission, the EU strategy failed spectacularly in delivering results. In fact, there's scant evidence that top-down guidelines help us to eat better or live healthier lives. Especially not when governments appear to be in bed with Big Food and Big Pharma, neither of which have any interest in people eating unprocessed foods, using nutrients in place of drugs, and generally spending most of their lives bouncing off walls with no real need for conventional medical attention, perhaps until their final hours or days.

It’s going to take a widespread, grassroots movement of health-conscious people to head off the terrible consequences of bad diets and lifestyles, and misguided advice. This is where Bite the Sun comes in: a community where people seek out inspirational changes by utilising the very knowledge the EU seemingly seeks to suppress with laws like the NHCR.


Pre-release of Bite the Sun introductory video!

In advance of tomorrow’s launch, we’re delighted to present below the Bite the Sun introductory video.  It’s perfect for anyone wishing to learn more about the BTS philosophy, so please share this story and the trailer with anyone and everyone you think may benefit from BTS.

We look forward to helping you to 'Bite the Sun'! The website will go live by 18:00h GMT on Thursday 10 July 2014.