Chance of a lifetime?

It’s not often you get a host of valuable information from reliable sources all in one place. But we think the 11-part docu-series, “The Quest for The Cures…Continues”, does just that. Ty Bollinger’s documentary claims to expose the truth (is there such a thing?) about cancer and offers ways of helping to support your body back to health without going down the conventional chemotherapy/radiation route. The series claims also to be the first ever, investigative report documentary mini-series on alternative/natural cancer therapies. It runs until the 24th October 2014, so don’t miss out.

Episode 1 of the series was aired on Monday at 9pm Eastern time in the USA, and was available for 23 hours, free to US and International viewers who had registered for the series. Further episodes will be aired daily at 9pm Eastern time in the USA, and those still to be aired will be available free to those who register.

Ty Bollinger; medical researcher, health freedom advocate and creator of the docu-series

The series is packed full of interviews with leading doctors, scientists, researchers, and several cancer survivors to address their preferred methods of holistic cancer care. We spoke to Ty about the 11-part series and bring you the exclusive interview below.

Can you please tell our readers a little bit about the original series “The Quest for the Cures”, and how it came about?

I initially published my book, Cancer - Step Outside the Box, in 2006. Since then, I've been privileged to help thousands of cancer patients. But the audience of people who will actually read a book and learn from it is small compared to the audience of people who watch TV, videos, and movies. So, my partners and I wanted to get the message to this larger audience of people who desperately need the information. So we filmed "The Quest for the Cures" in the spring of 2014.

What prompted the new series, and what does it add to the original/what new information is dealt with in the new series?

The response in the Spring was overwhelming, and since non-conventional cancer treatments constantly change and are being improved upon, we felt the need to do the new series, "The Quest for the Cures....Continues." We have over a dozen new treatments, additional information on nutrition, the immune system, detoxification, and more. We also go deep in to the history of modern medicine and explain WHY many medical doctors don't know about these treatments.

What makes this series different to any other alternative cancer information/documentaries out there?

To my knowledge, there are many webinars about cancer and many cancer conferences, but we are the ONLY documentary mini-series (docu-series) that has the feel of a reality TV/travel channel show with face-to-face interviews with doctors, researchers, scientists, and patients. As a result, we are hoping to reach people who would NEVER have been open to this information.

What is the ‘code of silence’?

Many of our interviewees have never spoken about this topic before. We are the first to get them on camera telling their stories.

In your opinion, why do you think this information has been suppressed? 

Money. There is no money to be made from curing disease. The big money is in perpetuating sickness....

If you could narrow it down to 5 points, what are the main ones that people can take away from the series?

  1. Cancer does NOT have to be a death sentence.
  2. There is always hope.
  3. The importance of the immune system cannot be stressed enough.
  4. Detoxification is vital.
  5. Nutrition plays a huge role in our health.

There are many doctors who have stepped outside the box and who are ready and able to assist cancer patients who don't want to use the "big 3" treatments (Chemo, radiation, surgery). 

Have you come across any challenges while getting this information out?

Only time constraints. Most people are open to this info. It resonates with people. They KNOW that they have been lied to....

Do you think people are waking up to the idea that mainstream cancer treatments might not be the only option?

Without a doubt, YES. Over the past 8 years, I have seen a HUGE awakening. It's very encouraging.

How can people get involved? 

Just register for private access to the free LIVE broadcasts by entering your email address, and tell everyone you know to watch the docu-series. We've done all the work. All you have to do is watch and learn. ;-)

Watch the trailer 

Episode 1; our synopsis

The first episode, entitled: "Modern Medicine and the Cancer Epidemic", introduces the series with the eye-opening history of how natural medicine came to be excluded from mainstream medicine. This was courtesy of the Carnegie and Rockefeller groups who reformed medical school education at the turn of the century, and wanted a pharma monopoly. They commissioned the Flexner report of 1910 which resulted in the closure of many colleges of homeopathy, naturopathy and other important modalities, and led to the 2.7 trillion dollar medical and cancer industrial complexes we have today.

Through frank and revealing interviews with a number of doctors and scientists, a picture is built up of how cancer patients are being failed by the limited disease management system of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. The disturbing result is one of patient freedoms being denied, research being suffocated, censorship of knowledge, and of regulatory agencies protecting the industry, rather than patients. Various doctors offer definitions of cancer, and an image begins to emerge of cancer as a 'symptom' of a sick body, rather than a problem of tumours which must simply be removed.

Ty Bollinger hopes, through the series, that people will be given the knowledge and the information needed so that they can empower themselves with health.

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