It's January.  Possibly the most loaded month of the entire calendar year.  Heavy with resolution and expectation, and for some, just plain heavy after a month or more of holiday festivities!  Rather than write a treatise on the why's, how's and wherefore's of detoxing, goal setting and positive mindfulness, we thought we'd give you the inside track on what we're all doing to kick start our years. 

The Brief

Everyone was asked three questions, answers for which they had to deliver in 60 seconds.  Not everyone succeeded!  Surprisingly, Rob managed in 58 seconds, with Michelle a very close second at 60.1.  Sadly Meleni gets the wooden spoon, but hopes that you're just too interested to notice.  The questions were:

  1. What did your full-length mirror (FLM) moment on 2nd January elicit? 
  2. What new lifestyle choices are you making for 2015
  3. Why?

We should add, had Rob included his cycling goals for 2015, he would have slipped from his current position on the league table!

Below are 7 short video clips from the ANH-Intl team, a couple of our colleagues in Bite the Sun and our designer from Bright Blue Interactive.

Robert Verkerk PhD, founder, executive & scientific director, ANH-Intl

Meleni Aldridge, executive coordinator, ANH-Intl

Sophie Middleton, campaign administrator, ANH-Intl


Yvonne England, practitioner liaison, ANH-Intl

Michelle Hallworth, operations manager, Bite the Sun


Adele Wolstenhulme, business development director, Bite the Sun


Colin McBride, managing director, Bright Blue Interactive

 A little bedtime reading?

From ANH-Intl:

Calorie restriction - encoded in our evolutionary blueprint

ANH-Intl Feature: Protein kinases, caloric restriction and exercise

Calling time on eating little and often

Green smoothie? Shhh, don’t mention the D word!

From Bite the Sun:

Legal feel-good chemicals

What’s ‘insulin resistance’ and why’s it so bad for us

May the G-force be with you!

Stepping into the learning and growing zone


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