New class action against Merck in Colombia for Gardasil damage

The Reconstruando Esperanza Association of Colombia has filed a 490,000 million Colombian pesos (approx. $30.5 m) class action against Merck Sharp & Dohme for alleged damage caused by the Gardasil vaccine. They are also calling for a declaration that the vaccine is unsafe. Despite evidence to the contrary health authorities continue to assert this vaccine is safe and that severe adverse events are rare. Distrust in the safety of the HPV vaccine in Colombia began in 2014 when a group of girls, who had been recently vaccinated, suffered from a ‘mystery’ illness which was conveniently put down to ‘mass hysteria’ at the time.

FDA approves health claim for soybean oil

Following a submission by soybean oil manufacturer Bunge, the US FDA has approved a qualified health claim. The approval will allow companies to claim that soybean oil may reduce coronary heart disease risk and lower LDL-cholesterol when replacing saturated fat and not increasing calories. Sounds great, but what this doesn’t tell the consumer is that soybean oil, rich in omega 6 fatty acids, can cause inflammation and compete with omega 3 fatty acids in the body, thereby potentially contributing to the onset of cardiovascular disease as well. To make the oil, soybeans go through a refining process, which damages the oil and renders it unrecognisable as a food to our DNA. Add to this, that the majority of the soybeans in the US and other parts of the world are GM and the risk to health just keeps on growing. For the skinny on fats read, The do’s and dont’s of cooking with olive and other oils”.

‘Eat a Rainbow’ for flu protection

A new mouse study has shown that a diet rich in naturally-occurring flavonoids can reduce the severity of flu symptoms provided that they have the right gut bacteria to digest and release the protective compounds. The study also found that eating a diet rich in flavonoids (e.g. berries, green tea, citrus fruits, broccoli, spinach, garlic) boosts immune function to provide additional protection against flu. This is important as the annual flu vaccine, that is heavily marketed, is often ineffective at protecting against actual infection. A properly modulated and super-responsive immune system is always our key to health and healing. We, depending on our diet and lifestyle choices, have the power to turn it into the sleeping dragon it was designed to be. Fire-breathing (full inflammatory response) when the need arises, yet slumbering gently in its cave (no lingering low-grade inflammation) when there is no threat or healing has been accomplished.