Saturday 7th October saw ANH-Intl’s launch of the Practitioner’s Toolkit Series. The first event was a masterclass in functional testing for the creation of personalised protocols, the area where the rubber meets the road for functional and integrative medicine practitioners. Functional tests, in contrast to conventional medical tests, focus on physiological function as markers of health, rather than the presence of markers of disease. In general, functional tests provide whole body, holistic data, rather than limited snapshots of single systems.

As an organisation that has been deeply engaged in research, innovation and education in the sustainable healthcare arena, this series is entirely consistent with one of our remits: to help influence medical and health professionals’ education and delivery of healthcare. This is why the central focus of this first conference was on the use of the latest functional and genetic tests that have the capacity to transform the delivery of personalised healthcare. ANH-Intl finds itself in an almost unique position as a non-profit organisation, independent of the influence of corporations, including food (dietary) supplement companies.

Breaking the mould

At ANH-Intl, we’ve long battled over ways of closing the gap between healthcare knowledge and technology that evaluates heath status and healthcare delivery. This conference was our first practical attempt to deliver a module that could be ‘teachable’ to a wide variety of health professionals, especially those engaged in nutritional and lifestyle medicine. The approach brought together a combination of unique tests involving blood chemistry (to measure what's going on inside the body), stool and urine analysis (to measure what's coming out of the body) alongside genetic testing (to evaluate key aspects of an individual's 'book of life'). By understanding a patient/client’s background, environment, lifestyle and emotional terrain, and carrying out carefully selected functional and genetic tests, we are able to demonstrate how it's possible to develop with some confidence workable, individualised protocols that can transform a person's health trajectory. As the basis for the practical part of the work, we worked with data from two anonymised patients, one female, the other male, each with significant and complex health problems - both new to natural approaches to healthcare.

The education has been designed around the conference delivery plus additional follow-up webinars. The webinars each allowing scope to dive more deeply into the links between the test results, the client’s health status and their individual circumstances. Given that both clients will be taking part in a series of protocols emanating from the conference findings, the delegates will be able to follow their progress and learn experientially as the clients progress. All of which is supported by a 374-page workbook, with extensive electronic resources.

With sincere thanks

To our event partners: Nordic Laboratories and DNALife, Regenerus Laboratories, Functional Dx, Pure Encapsulations and Nuzest Europe.



To our experts: Umahro Cadogan, Jonathan Cohen, Robyn Puglia and Ben Brown who brought their extensive knowledge and decades of experience to bear on the two complex cases at the heart of the event.

Speakers from left to right: Jonathan Cohen; Meleni Aldridge; Umahro Cadogan; Rob Verkerk; Robyn Puglia and Benjamin Brown.

To our exhibitors: Nordic Laboratories, Regenerus Laboratories, Functional Dx, Pure Encapsulations, Nuzest Europe, TMC Ventures, Institute of Optimum Nutrition, Procepts, Nucleotide Nutrition, Cytoplan, and the indispensible Natural Dispensary, many of whom were new to the delegates attending the day.

And, last but not least, our delegates, without whom, we’d have had no conference. Here are some pictures to give you a flavour of the day with some of the comments we received via our feedback forms:

A very special venue

Sheepdrove Eco Conference Centre was an obvious choice for us because of our aligned sustainability mission and ethos. It proved to be just as much of a hit with our delegates who loved the space and the organic food straight from the farm to their tables. It was a perfect space for learning and networking.

What if I missed it?

Fear not! We’ve recorded the event and along with the supporting materials (including the 374-page workbook) and follow-up webinars are available for purchase. All proceeds will be used to support our ongoing work in ANH-Intl to help us to continue helping you.