Everybody loves a picnic - even when it's on the living room floor!

Whilst we're enjoying an incredible summer in the UK, the likes of which hasn't been seen in years, and the majority of Europe is on holiday, we thought it was high time we shared our top picks for plant-powered, vibrant recipes to make your 'perfect picnic' go off with a rainbow-coloured bang. If you're in the southern hemisphere and experiencing colder climes right now, don't despair because you still have the living room floor option in front of a roaring fire. Equally enticing.

We hope you find something for everyone amongst our recipes. Whilst they're all gluten-free, almost all of them can be made dairy-free, vegan or vegetarian. They're bright, colourful, plant-based and low sugar, but rich in healthy fats and protein to satisfy everyone, from the smallest to the tallest picnicker.

Picnic blankets to the ready, Nature is calling...

Oh, and PS: whilst you're outside, why not indulge in some natural movement the MovNat way? It's inspired by the 12 movements of our hunter gatherer ancestors and engages gravity on the muscles of our body in the perfect way to keep them toned and lean. It's Nature's playground at your disposal - and it's free! By using skillful and adaptable movements, Nature becomes the most complete training environment available. Check out our lead article, Top Tips for Summer Joy, for more on how to optimise your summer, move naturally and reclaim your nature.


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