The Cochrane Collaboration’s edifice is crumbling

Peter Gøtzsche, one of the Cochrane's highest profile Board members, has been expelled from the organisation. His crime? Telling the truth and being publicly critical of a Cochrane review supporting the HPV vaccine. In a statement he said, “No clear reasoned justification has been given for my expulsion”. His full statement is posted on the Nordic Cochrane website where he questions the clear agenda behind his expulsion. As a further unprecedented move, four other board members have resigned in protest leaving Cochrane in a very precarious situation for the first time since its inception. It may be no small coincidence that Gøtzsche’s untimely expulsion comes hot on the heels of Cochrane receiving funding from the pro-vaccine Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The days of a wholly independent Cochrane Collaboration now seem to be firmly over, yet another nail resoundly hammered into the coffin of good science.

Drug trial halted after Viagra kills babies

Pharma’s profit margin takes a nose dive when a drug is off patent and the scramble to find other ‘off label’ uses begins to help compensate. Viagra is no different. Researchers in The Netherlands have recently had to halt a trial where sildenafil, commonly known as Viagra, was given to pregnant women to see if it could stimulate the growth of severely underdeveloped foetuses by increasing blood flow to the placenta. The trial was abruptly halted after 11 babies, born to women who had received the drug, died after birth. Despite safer natural alternatives known to improve blood flow, or nitric oxide release, such as those found in garlic, green leafy vegetables and beetroot, women and babies, at their most vulnerable, were sacrificed like lab rats. Our guidelines for a naturally healthy pregnancy can be found as part of the ANH-Intl Food4Health guidelines.

International appeal calls for stop to 5G!

An international appeal been launched calling on scientists, doctors and environmental organisations across the world to call for a halt to the deployment of 5G technology across the globe and in space. The appeal states that, “The deployment of 5G constitutes an experiment on humanity and the environment that is defined as a crime under international law”. Concerns already exist over the harms to human health from existing RF networks. Of extreme concern is the fact that 5G will use technology with little or no safety and efficacy data at all. As an individual you can sign the appeal here, organisations can sign and support the appeal here.

Cholesterol exonerated as heart disease baddy

High levels of LDL-C, known as ‘bad cholesterol’, have long been considered a major cause of heart disease. Now a new review has thrown yet more doubt on the cholesterol hypothesis rubbishing the continued message that cholesterol causes heart disease and should be controlled by statin use. Despite more and more evidence against the use of statins, the push by doctors to put just about everyone on them continues. The evidence is clear though - diet and lifestyle outperform statins and there is no such thing as a wonder drug! This is a message that needs to be shared widely so that people are empowered to make their own health decisions and question their doctor’s statin recommendations.

French Fries no. 1 veg for infants

The recent Feeding Infants and Toddlers study (FITS), funded by Nestle, has shown that 27% of young children don’t eat vegetables every day. Shockingly, french fries topped the list of regularly consumed ‘vegetables’ raising concerns about the levels of nutrients young children are getting. It’s essential that children are introduced to a wide range of foods – particularly plant foods – at a young age when they are more open to experiencing new tastes and textures. We recognise children under the age of six have different nutrition requirements in order to build strong, healthy bodies and brains, which is why we developed our Food4Kids guidelines.

An aspirin day won’t keep the doctor away

A daily dose of aspirin is a long-standing recommendation to prevent heart attacks and strokes. However, a recently published randomised controlled study has shown no benefit of a daily low-dose of aspirin in healthy older adults with no prior history of heart disease. The conclusion? It could cause more harm than good! Those participants who received the daily aspirin showed a higher all-cause mortality than those who did not and were at increased risk of suffering serious bleeds. Check out ANH founder Rob Verkerk’s tips for living a longer healthier naturally.

US boy dies following HPV vaccination

Christopher Bunch, aged 14, has died of complications from a rare neurological disease called Acute Dissemination Encephalomyelitis (ADEM) following vaccination with the HPV vaccine, Gardasil, three weeks prior to his death. ADEM is associated with viral and bacterial infections, but it can also occur after vaccination. It is also listed as a side effect of Gardasil. The HPV vaccine was withdrawn from use in Japan following cases of ADEM. Our thoughts are with Christopher’s family at this difficult time. You can find more information about this controversial vaccine to allow you to make an informed decision about whether or not your child should receive HPV vaccine as part of our Vaccine Choice campaign.


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