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The uncertain promise of a Covid vaccine: The video

Find out the 15 things we’re not being told and why vaccine transparency is crucial to our future

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News Alerts: Week 28, 2020

News Alerts: Week 28, 2020

10 July 2020

No evidence anyone has died from the coronavirus; Google funds WHO ads; UK lockdown legal challenge fails; Ancient crabs and vaccines; Metabolic health of BAME community not being assessed; Low-fat diets don’t lower cholesterol in familial hypercholesterolemia; UK vaginal mesh scandal



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Mitochondria Day

Mitochondria Day

23 April 2021

Holiday Inn Regent's Park, Carburton St, London W1W 5EE

Food integrity 2020

Food integrity 2020

17 - 19 March 2021

Twickenham Stadium, 200 Whitton Road, Twickenham, UK TW2 7BA