The US-based Institute for Functional Medicine's flagship course, "Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice" was held for the second time in the UK last week. The event was marked by a gala dinner on the penultimate day to recognise attendees from both events (the inaugural training course was held in October 2011) and celebrate the Food Awards. 

During the week delegates, were treated to some of the most delectable, delicious and healthy foods the UK has to offer, thanks to the companies who entered their products into the Food Awards and the incredible team of chefs at the Hilton Metropole. The menus dovetailed seamlessly with the topics being taught on a given day, so not only did practitioners get to apply theory to practice, but they also walked their talk and 'ate a rainbow' every day. 

The meal on Thursday night was no exception, after which Dr Robert Verkerk, ANH-Intl's executive & scientific director, was invited to give the after dinner speech. Entitled "Musings on the Future of Healthcare" his words offer an ironic glimpse into what we can expect 20 years on if we stay on the current healthcare trajectory. Containing some humorous pre-dessert insights, but with a serious message for those that haven't yet espoused a more healthy lifestyle. 

It was a wonderful night and Rob's speech was well received, but unfortunately it wasn't possible to record it.  Having been asked to make it available, we offer you a reprise of the audio, but will have to leave the ambience and the audience to your fertile imaginations!    

Download speech as an mp3 file