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  ANH-Intl eAlert Week 34 | 22 August 2018 International
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  Low carb, naturally  
  Refreshed from a couple of weeks off to recharge my batteries, I was dismayed to read news from the around the world that suggests low carb eaters might die an early death. Just as the public is getting its head around the fact that it's too many carbs (especially of the wrong type), and not too much fat, that's among the key culprits driving obesity, type 2 diabetes and other preventable chronic diseases, this new study has thrown a spanner in the works. Not only has it been disseminated by the world's media, everyone's being told once again to eat exactly the amount of carbs that governments have been telling us to eat over the last decade or more! Doh! Aren't most of us doing that already and then dying prematurely of preventable chronic diseases? In our lead story this week, we tease apart the Lancet Public Health study that's confused so many.

In our second piece, Meleni brings you her insights about a new film, DOWN to EARTH. The film offers important perspectives from around the world of what it is to be in touch with humanity and nature. In modern societies where so many are alienated from nature and the wisdom of many of our elders is devalued or impacted by comorbidities and dementia, we need to be reminded what it is to be a responsible human in a sustainable world.

In heath, naturally


Rob Verkerk, PhD
Founder, executive & scientific director
Scientific attack on low carb diets

Why the healthy low carb community shouldn’t be swayed by the latest Lancet Public Health study
Digging deep and DOWN to EARTH

Could a seminal new film about those intimately connected with nature help to unlock a sustainable future?
News Alerts: Week 34, 2018

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