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  ANH-Intl eAlert Week 33 | 16 August 2018 International
Alliance for Natural Health
  Smoke & mirrors – antidoted by education  
  It is with profound sadness that I write this week's #ThrowbackThursday eAlert.

News reached us a couple of hours ago that Dr Peter Fisher, Faculty of Homeopathy President, was killed in a tragic road accident yesterday as he cycled to work at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine. Dr Fisher is probably best known for being the Queen's physician, but he was also Director of Research at the hospital and was a widely published expert in rheumatology and forms of complementary and alternative medicine. He chaired the World Health Organization's (WHO) working group on homeopathy and was a member of the WHO's Expert Advisory Panel on Traditional and Complementary Medicine. In Peter, we have lost something utterly irreplaceable. He was a giant in all his fields of professional endeavour, not least as a champion of medical homeopathy. Rob Verkerk and I were honoured to share a table with Dr Fisher at the House of Lords dinner that preceded the Royal Society of Medicine conference, New Horizons in Water Science, 4 short weeks ago. He was eager for the next steps and keen to support ANH-Intl's blueprint for a sustainable health system. Our hearts go out to his family and friends.

Both our articles this week reinforce the importance of self-empowerment and how critical education is in allowing you to see through the smoke and mirrors created by the establishment. When you can't trust national authorities to have your best interests at heart and you can't trust the media to accurately report good science, there is no other place to go, other than to educate yourself and make your own informed decisions.

Our lead article is about vaping and draws your attention to a new study from the University of Birmingham into the pro-inflammatory dangers of e-cigarettes. A new study that Public Health England is refusing to acknowledge whilst it continues to advise the public to stop smoking and start vaping. We raised our concerns about the health risks of vaping 3-years ago and it seems our fears were completely founded.

Our second story attempts to offset the media headlines that keto diets can cause diabetes. The words twaddle and spin come to mind, but have a read and you can decide for yourself!

And of course, we wouldn't release an eAlert, even on #TBT, without our carefully selected news roundup.

In health, naturally


Meleni Aldridge
Executive Coordinator
Vapour Obscura – new truths about the risks of vaping

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Going keto: Disease prevention or promotion?

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News Alerts: Week 33, 2018

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