Love Natural Love Organic will be collocated with The Allergy & Free From Show and V Delicious, to form part of Europe’s largest consumer natural, organic, vegetarian, vegan, free from food and allergy living show!

You will find

  • Yummy Food & Drink
  • Beautiful Skin, Body & Hair Care
  • Pure Household & Lifestyle Products
  • Lovely Clothes & Accessories
  • ALL natural, ALL organic

Ticket Prices: (tickets give you FREE access to collocated events)

£7.50 in advance

£10.00 on the door

Kids go FREE!

ANH has a stand at the show (L68A) so come and say hello! Robert Verkerk is also speaking. Details of his talks on the three days are as follows:


Friday 1600 - 1645. Feeding our future and the world - without GMOs

We are told over and over again by governments, biotechnology companies and a limited band of scientists that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are needed to help avert world food shortages.  Huge efforts are being made in an attempt to curb the public’s concerns about the potential health and environmental effects of genetically modified (GM) crops. In his presentation, leading sustainability scientist, Robert Verkerk PhD, will bring you up-to-the minute information on what is and isn’t known about GM crops and how the latest science on epigenetics provides ever stronger reasons to not consume GM crops or even animal products derived from livestock fed GM feed.  He will explain how research and information has been controlled to justify the pro-GM lobby’s position. Dr Verkerk will also make a powerful case for why the public’s inherent distrust of GM technology is well-founded and why it is crucial to continue to resist the European Union and UK government’s pressure to increase EU cultivation and distribution of GM crops. 

Saturday 1100 - 1145. Individualising ‘organic’, ‘free from’ and physical activity for perfect health

Most of us prefer eating foods grown without pesticides and fertilisers - that’s why we buy organic. For people who are chemically hypersensitive, organic foods can be a necessity, not an option. But we’re now discovering that large swathes of the population are susceptible, to differing degrees, to gluten, wheat or dairy, yet they have not been diagnosed with either coeliac disease or lactose intolerance. Others find it harder to metabolise fat or are have greater difficulty controlling blood sugar. Accordingly, some combinations of fat and sugars, especially when combined with sedentary lifestyles, can play havoc an individual’s health. Government guidelines for physical activity currently fail to take into account variation in capacity and need between individuals. Health and sustainability expert, Robert Verkerk PhD, will explore these issues and help you recognise the tell tale signs of food sensitivities and intolerances while identifying differences in metabolic type. He will go on to show how an understanding of these elements of an individual’s health, when coupled with specific food combinations, fasting regimes and physical activities, can deliver seismic transformations in that individual’s health.    

Sunday 1400 - 1445. Changing the world within and around you through personal empowerment

Despite the health and vitality of youth, most of us face declining health from middle age. This often includes decreased physical and mental capacity, loss of energy and, ultimately, the development of diseases that are responsible for our deaths, most commonly heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity. This progression is a choice, not an inevitability. Rob Verkerk PhD, internationally recognised environmentalist and health expert, and founder of Alliance for Natural Health International, will explore how this situation has arisen and how, if not addressed proactively by current generations, it threatens the very existence of our species. Dr Verkerk will show how we can regain control of our lives, reconnect with our communities and the world around us. He will leave his audience with a blueprint for personal empowerment that covers areas ranging from nutrition, physical activity and emotional health through to social and environmental responsibility.   For those who truly care about the nature of the world that will be left to future generations, this is a talk you won’t want to miss!


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