A one-night-only professional development seminar for practitioners wanting to transform their practice using the very latest testing and research in the field of nutritional science.

Dr Verkerk will reveal how particular dietary and activity protocols can be used to optimise metabolic flexibility and the beta-oxidation of fatty acids through cyclic keto-adaptation. He’ll also show how methylation defects may adversely affect a variety of functions in the body, how to test for them, and what can be done to offset their impact in your patients through the individualisation of protocols.

Meleni Aldridge will deliver practical guidance on how you can test for and interpret SNP tests affecting key processes such as lipid metabolism, insulin resistance, detoxification, obesity, inflammation, oxidative stress and bone health. She’ll also reveal how SNP results combined with body composition and metabolic risk data can be combined to deliver personalised protocols that transform outcomes and lives.

Drawing extensively on over four decades of experience, Dr Willcourt will reveal a blueprint that will allow you to transform your patients’ approach to what and how they eat, as well as how they move. He’ll also show how peptides can be used help restore growth hormone levels to that of a 25-year-old, while improving healing from injury, immune function, athletic performance, weight loss and libido.