Come and listen to Richard Burton from the Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health and Dr Robert Verkerk, executive director of ANH, offering the latest from the campaign battlefront.

Prepare to fight the inevitable winter sniffles and coughs with every food supplement and vitamin imaginable, as Dublin's biggest natural health food show comes to the Royal Dublin Society (RDS).The exhibition is a chance to select the right elderberry supplement or echinacea tincture or even just to learn what they all mean in the first place.

Major names in the health business from all over the globe are represented on well over 100 stands, including Solgar, Natural Life Health and Bioforce.

When you can't carry any more pills, there'll be plenty of chance to put your feet up in the Dodder Rooms, where experts speak on various healthy topics. Even better, there are an assortment of alternative therapists offering their services. Just don't upset them by eating crisps and sweets.

Event details can change
Please check with the organisers that the event is happening before making travel arrangements.

Tel: +353 (0) 1 285 9294
Tel: +353 (0) 1 623 6828 (Irish Association of Health Stores)
Address: 31 Killiney Rd, Killiney, Co. Dublin

Place: Republic of Ireland (Dublin)
When: 23 -25 October2004 inclusive
Opening Hours: 11am-7pm (from 12pm Sun)