Healthy approaches for a healthy future

The ARH is celebrating its 20th birthday this May. We had hoped to see you all for a two-day spectacular event, topped by a fun-party on the Saturday evening, but the universe clearly had other ideas – and lockdown has made us extra-creative!

Our conference, ‘Healthy approaches for a healthy future’, takes place on 15th & 16th May, and the venue is cyberspace, which means you can participate in the event, wherever you live! It is a virtual conference!

Rob Verkerk PhD joins the speakers to discuss The Great Health Reset — regenerating health & care, post-pandemic

The theme

The last year has presented all of us with a roller-coaster of different challenges, ranging from developing new prescribing strategies to help keep our patients healthy through both the pandemic itself, and the social disruption caused by lockdowns, through to managing a new way of practising, utilising unfamiliar technologies in order to stay in touch with our patients.

Under these difficult circumstances, most practitioners have managed extremely well, and our patients have continued to benefit from homeopathy as an essential support to their health and wellbeing. This conference is about reinforcing our knowledge and understanding of how to both achieve, and retain, a high level of natural health, so that we can look forward to a healthy future together.

Health optimisation works on a number of different levels, including our philosophical approach to health and disease, the discipline we practice, our therapeutic skills, the modalities we use, how we manage our practice, and how we cope with the personal challenges we inevitably meet, during our own life-journey.

So, to help us achieve a healthy (or at least ‘healthier’) future, here are some of the healthy approaches featured in our conference:

Dr Yubraj Sharma – Esoteric approaches to viruses and genetic evolution

Helen Harding – How to run a successful practice

Mark O’Sullivan – Agrohomeopathy – nurturing our environment with homeopathy

Kate Birch – Messages from the coronavirus nosode

Emma Dalton – An introduction to working with CBD oil

Trevor Gunn –  Holistic approaches to health optimisation

Yvonne Fok – The Clificol project – a really important international initiative, which gathers clinical data on patients who’ve had Covid-19, following a high standard of research protocols

Em Colley – Transforming the discomfort – Strategies for increasing resilience and developing personal strength