This year’s Annual congress will include Keynote Speakers on their specialist subjects, including Gut Health (Debbie Cotton, Invivo), Fascia and Bodywork (Rachel Fairweather & Megan Mari, Jing Massage and Training), Naturopathic Dynasties (Roger Newman-Turner, Naturopath, Author and Honorary Member of the GCRN), Psychoneuroimmunology and Immunity (Karina Athwal, Nutritional Therapist), Neurodegenerative Diseases (Victoria O’Neill, Hifas da Terra), Cancer Prevention and Support, following the Metabolic Theory of Cancer (Xandria Williams, CanSurvive), Quantum Nature of Man; the duality of the particles that create an illusion of reality (Kenneth Green, Naturopath & Homeopath), Rosmarinus officinalis - The uses and indications of this often forgotten herb (Chris Menzies-Trull, Author, Naturopath & Medical Herbalist).

To keep the weekend flowing and in tune with nature there will also be Meditation, Yoga, a Healing Moves Workshop with Sarah Hyde and an Herb Walk in the beautiful surrounds of Emerson.