Meleni Aldridge: Reset, Re-Tune and Re-Ignite Your Metabolic Pathways

Course Leader:
Meleni Aldridge, executive coordinator, Alliance for Natural Health International, Integrative & Regenerative Medicine Practitioner, Coach & Mentor, Speaker & Educator, Author

Course duration: 12 weeks, 75 mins per session

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Link to enrol: Reset, Re-Tune and Re-Ignite Your Metabolic Pathways

Course Outline

Meleni brings her 30+ years of experience as a multi-faceted health practitioner into this course. You’ll learn how you can reset your metabolism and health by changing the way you eat and think and feel and love, share and experience with others. Whilst the course is underpinned by the fundamental prerequisite of metabolic flexibility, it’s so much more than just another diet programme because the health of our metabolic fire has far-reaching effects for every system in the body — for our energy levels, our ability to think clearly and also our emotional balance. Weight management is a natural consequence of metabolic balance. Where this balance has been lost, restoring metabolic flexibility and putting our signalling systems and nutrient-sensing pathways back on course again, as evolution intended, is the only sustainable way of managing weight.

We are born into these exquisitely complex and intelligent organisms – our bodies – yet we are taught precious little about how they function and even less about what to do when they don’t work properly. Resetting our metabolism, engaging our evolutionary and protective pathways and speaking to our genetic blueprint in a food and lifestyle language that are in tune with our evolutionary heritage, allows the body to engage inherent self-healing mechanisms and restore balance, because health and survival is so hardwired into our bodies. It also allows for multi-system flexibility and resilience, key markers of real health, to flourish across our body systems because all are interconnected.

When you have a body that works, you’ll find cells and systems that sing with harmony, vitality and energy in abundance. When you have a clear head, more inner peace and balanced emotions, you are so much more poised to experience the freedom and flow that comes with physical health. Meleni’s experience of triumphing over deep and life changing ill health and autoimmune disease, as well as extreme weight gain, brings a deeper dimension to this course.

This course is both experiential and practical and suitable for health professionals as well as laypeople. You will get the most from what you learn by embarking on your own journey as you progress through the sessions.

Learning Outcomes

On completion, this course will enable you:-

  • To understand the intimate relationship between our genetic blueprint, food and metabolism to (re-)establish metabolic flexibility aligned with evolutionary norms
  • To identify key evolutionary pathways involved in metabolic health and body system function, and how they are impacted by what and how we eat as well as our lifestyle and headspace
  • To understand the interplay between hormones such as insulin, leptin, ghrelin and adiponectin and how to bring them back into balance
  • To engage with, and embrace the concept of, ‘food as powerful medicine’ to reset and re-tune metabolic health and resilience
  • To recognise the impact of allergens and anti-nutrients and the role they play in health and weight management
  • To introduce a practical, evidence-based, 12-step process for switching between fuel systems in the body, which is health-creating, as well as weight-managing
  • To step more fully into your own freedom and flow from wherever you may be currently in your journey
  • To integrate this knowledge into your tool kit of skills if you’re a practitioner or health coach.

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About Meleni Aldridge

Meleni Aldridge has been immersed in the field of natural, integrative and meta-energetic medicine for over 30 years. She is a practicing clinical psychoneuroimmunologist, functional medicine practitioner, certified Metabolic Balance coach and DNALife Practitioner. For 11 years, before joining the Alliance for Natural Health International (ANH-Intl), Meleni lectured at St Mary’s University College, Middlesex, UK on the Sport Rehabilitation programme.

In July 2005, she joined the ANH-Intl. In her role as executive coordinator, in which she remains today, she works closely with Robert Verkerk PhD, executive and scientific director, positively shaping the scientific and regulatory environment required to facilitate the future development of natural, regenerative and sustainable health care. Meleni’s approach is one that takes a heart-centred, nature-aligned approach to health and healing that respects individual sovereignty.

Triumphing over her own autoimmune thyroid journey using a using a potent combination of nutrition, lifestyle and energy techniques set Meleni on the road to becoming a health professional early in her adult life. As a seasoned practitioner of over 30 years’ experience, her passion for the power of nutrition, lifestyle and meta-energetic interventions to ignite the body’s miraculous self-healing pathways is undimmed and remains a major driver behind all her professional endeavours.



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