Melatonin-depleted blood spurs tumor growth

27 January 2006

"Light at night is now clearly a risk factor for breast cancer," Blask says. "Breast tumors are awake during the day, and melatonin puts them to sleep at night." Add artificial light to the night environment, and "cancer cells become insomniacs," he says. ---

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Mental health link to diet change

16 January 2006

Changes to diets over the last 50 years may be playing a key role in the rise of mental illness, a study says. Food campaigners Sustain and the Mental Health Foundation say the way food is now produced has altered the balance of key nutrients people consume. The period has also seen the UK population eating less fresh food and more saturated fats and sugars.

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Be Wary of the

13 January 2006

There is currently a significant amount of inaccurate and misleading information circulating on the internet about Codex and other related health freedom issues. Whilst some of the authors of this material claim to have carefully studied more than 16,000 pages of Codex documentation, the content of their articles and the nature of their proposed strategies strongly suggests otherwise. The followin

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The Detox Issue Revisited

06 January 2006

Read what EARTHtimes says about it - Detox diets that promise you weight loss, glowing skin and hair, and overall health benefits, do little except burn a hole in your pocket, a report, called Making Sense of Chemical Stories, by Sense About Science, a charitable trust that advocates evidence-based approach to scientific and technological developments, has said.

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The Worst Is Still To Come

05 January 2006

A Report from Paul Anthony Taylor. November 2005 saw the 27th meeting of the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses (CCNFSDU) take place in Bonn, Germany.

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