Do you recall the recent headlines 'The Deadly Vitamins'?

07 November 2004

Antioxidant supplements, we were recently told and told and told, range from useless to slightly worse than strychnine. While some media outlets merely ran headlines like "Antioxidants Don't Fight Cancer," warned that "Vitamin Supplements May Boost Cancer Risk," while the London Daily Mail's headline blared: "The Deadly Vitamins." I saw NO headlines that weren't along these lines.

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Schwarzenegger Attacks "Quackbusters"...

01 November 2004

The "quackbuster" operation, run out of a New York ad agency, isn't doing well in California... to say the least. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has joined several citizen's groups in taking a formal stand against certain sleazy "quackbuster" activities. The Governor, along with a citizen's group, "Californians to Stop Shakedown Lawsuits (CSSL), is promoting California ballot Propos

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Consumer Organisations Criticise Influence of Drug Companies

23 October 2004

The pharmaceutical industry operates in a way that puts profits before public health, members of parliament (MPs) heard last week. And the regulatory authorities, which are meant to ensure the safety of drugs and protect the public, collude with the industry, they were told.

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US HerbalGram article

07 October 2004

Alex Schauss PhD offers his views in an informative article in the American Botanical Society's HerbalGram covering the impact of EU legislation.

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Lancet study attacks antioxidants

01 October 2004

Dr Bjelakovic and colleagues have analysed 14 trials involving antioxidant vitamins and the mineral selenium. Their findings are damning, but cannot, in ANH's view, be applied to antioxidants in general.

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Whose Truth About Vitamins?

17 September 2004

BBC2 broadcast its story last night on vitamin supplementation. Far from being fair and balanced, it took a heavy swipe at high dose vitamin supplementation and omitted discussion of the benefits of supplementation. See the joint ANH and Institute for Complementary Medicine press release below.

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BBC2 Horizon: The Truth About Vitamins

15 September 2004

is the BBC's treatment of the vitamin supplementation really "balanced"? See the communications below and make up your own mind if you are able to see the programme at 21.00 h on 16 September.

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