So where have all the flowers gone . . .

20 August 2005

The EU Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive will come into effect on October 31. To register their products, manufacturers have until 2011 to produce a dossier that proves the efficacy of the remedies or they will no longer be able to sell them in the EU.

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Asthma Treatment That Works

09 August 2005

Effective asthma treatment is readily available with cheap, safe and convenient vitamin C. The only requirement is to take enough vitamin C to be effective.

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ANH PRESS RELEASE: Why most vitamins won't be banned

15 July 2005

The ANH interpretation of the judgment by the European Court of Justice on the ANH's legal challenge of the EU Food Supplements Directive, guided by its leading EU barrister, suggests the feared, wide-scale bans now won't occur. Find out more...

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Gary Null interviews Dr Robert Verkerk

08 July 2005

If you are concerned about Codex and your future ability to protect your freedom of choice in relation to natural products then tune in to at 12 noon EST, or 5.00 pm UK time TODAY Friday 8 July

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Vitamin E safety confirmed by new JAMA study

07 July 2005

Several studies have pointed to increased risk of death from vitamin E, although such studies have used purified or synthetic vitamin E and involved diseased persons. This new study in JAMA fills several information gaps.

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Confusion over Codex

06 July 2005

Please find below a note on Codex put out by Isobel Bradley, ANH Campaign Administrator. She reminds us that "all is not lost, by any means, despite the acceptance of Codex texts in Rome at the meeting of the Codex Alimentarius Commission last Monday".

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Codex Alimentarius To Approve 'Vitamin Guidelines'

10 June 2005

If you use vitamin and mineral supplements for health, you might want to fly over to Rome, Italy and crash the July 4-9 meeting of the Codex Alimentarius Commission, a little-known international body that wields immense power over the global food market.

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