HRT 'doubles breast cancer risk'

08 August 2003

News from the BBC: Taking certain types of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can double the risk of developing breast cancer, says a study of more than a million women.

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Breaking news.....finally, in a UK regional newspaper!

22 July 2003

The UK national media seemed to be disinterested in the fiasco surrounding the transposition of the EU Food Supplements Directive into English law. However, one of the top regional newspapers has picked up the gauntlet and finally given coverage to these important issues. Read on

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Daily Telegraph emphasises contradictions

20 July 2003

Felicity Kendal from the UK's Daily Telegraph speaks out on contradictions and poor rationale in government policy on such diverse things as police patrols, mobile phones, junk food and..... nutritional supplements.

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Why is the real science being ignored?

18 July 2003

Pressure by the UK and EU governments to limit the maximum allowed dosage of vitamin B6 continues, despite good evidence that doses at least 10 times greater than the upper safe level recommended by the UK's Food Standards Agency are safe.

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Dissident Labour MPs removed from Commons committee before vote

07 July 2003

Kate Hoey, Labour MP made her opinions known and was removed from the standing committee voting on the transposition of the EU Food Supplements Directive. Up to 5 Labour MPs on the committee were replaced the day before the vote. With the re-worked committee, the regulations gained support by two votes.

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