Natural News Roundup (week 35/2022)

31 August 2022

Cholesterol theory debunked; Ultra-processed foods harm mental health; Risk of red meat to health challenged; Food supplements could reduce healthcare costs; Glyphosate linked to brain disease; Herbal supplement blamed for death; Grain giants profiteer from food crisis

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Natural News Roundup (week 34/2022)

24 August 2022

Children prefer 'natural' foods; Should we all be eating insects?; Natural interventions for dementia & Alzheimer's; Leukaemia risk near fracking sites; Pesticides damage bee health

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Natural News Roundup (week 33/2022)

17 August 2022

Ranking healthfulness of foods; Exercise needed to lose weight; Gene editing risks; Eco-labels for food; Vitamin D beats depression; Scientists question climate emergency

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