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  • Fasting can reprogram natural killer (NK) cells and help combat cancer. A new mouse study published in Immunity, used two 24 hour fasts per week, with normal eating between fasts. The researchers found as glucose levels drop during fasting, so free fatty acids increase, which can, in turn, be used by the NK cells as an alternative source of energy, helping them to survive the harsh environments created by cancer cells and rev up their anti-cancer activity
  • A landmark Alzheimer’s study published in Nature in 2006, is set to be retracted after it was found to contain falsely doctored images. The paper’s senior editor, Karen Ashe, acknowledged the problem in a discussion thread on PubPeer. Science has the full story.

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  • Antidepressants (ADs) are being routinely handed out to patients for all manner of conditions despite well documented harms. A recent study, published in Lancet Psychiatry, claims withdrawal symptoms from ADs aren't nearly as significant as previously thought and are therefore safe because they're 'non-addictive'. Publication of the study triggered a Guardian article, written by Prof Carmine Pariante (well known for his close links with pharma), exhorting the study. After the Guardian ignored a letter from people negatively affected by ADs requesting it provide an alternate view of the real-world effects of ADs, the authors published an open letter to the Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCP) expressing their deep concerns over the article and the RCPs apparent lack of regard for patient safety
  • Akkermansia municiphila is widely regarded to be of significant benefit to our gut health but you have to feed it to keep it healthy. A new mouse study published in Molecular Systems Biology finds there's a double-edged, Jekyll and Hyde, interaction in the gut which is dependent on the amount of fibre in the diet. A fibre-rich diet feeds A. municiphila supporting its protective ability against pathogens. However, starve it via a low fibre diet and the gut becomes more susceptible to pathogenic microbes that degrade and damage the mucus layer, increasing the risk of developing gut-based chronic disease.

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  • The EU Food Supplements Working Group recently took a swipe at a range of popular botanicals used in supplements. The Working Group reviewed 117 ‘other’ substances, considered to have a nutritional or physiological effect in food and/or food supplements, with a view to restricting or prohibiting their use in food supplements due to perceived risks to human health. Of the original 117, 13, including coumarin (found in cinnamon), piperine (found in black pepper) and ashwagandha are amongst the substances considered to be of significant risk to consumers and are high at risk of being banned from use in the EU
  • A Canadian scientist whose research resulted in multiple supplements being pulled from retail shelves in Canada has been found guilty of research misconduct because he fabricated and falsified data, as well as failing to disclose conflicts of interest. Science has the full story of deliberate scientific fraud, which could have had severe consequences for Canadian’s access to food supplements. The ANH teams in the UK, Europe and US are continuing our work to protect your access to a wide-range of food/dietary supplements so you can continue to make informed decisions about how you choose to support your health.

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  • The UK has a unique opportunity to reverse some of the provisions of the Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Act, the introduction of which has been interrupted by the general election. A new government will be able to alter the regulation so that precision bred (gene edited) organisms and foods will have to be fully traceable and labelled so consumers know what’s in their food. Tell your new MPs, following the election that it’s time for change. The process of contacting your future MPs has been made simple and easy by the UK’s GM campaign groups who are working together to bring about badly needed changes to the regulation after public concerns were ignored
  • The extent to which Industry influences health policies and prevents governments and health authorities (commercial determinants) from tackling the key causes of the chronic disease epidemic is explored in a new report from the World Health Organization European Region
  • The German Nutrition Society’s (DGE) recent reassessment of vegan diets has been hailed as a ‘new era in nutrition policy’ by influential industry players, as the DGE shifts its position on vegan diets inferring that they're both healthy and good for the environment. When it comes to vulnerable groups, the DGE is clearly feeling the squeeze and has moved from not recommending vegan diets due to low evidence, to one of sitting on the fence by stating it’s neither recommending for or against vegan diets. It’s careful to recommend supplementation of iodine or inclusion of seaweed and vitamin B12 for those on a vegan diet though
  • Rebekah Barnett shares a new discussion paper showing a significant shift in support for the vaccination of children in Australia, which appears to have been exacerbated by covid. The paper accompanies a public consultation inviting stakeholders and the public to complete a survey (note: this closed on Wednesday 19th June), which was designed in such a way as to support the government’s goals. Read more on Rebekah’s Substack
  • Mainstream media airwaves are crackling with news that the next pandemic is nearly upon us in the shape of bird flu (H5N1). The fearmongering has been ramping up in the US over the past few months with reports that the virus has been found in cattle and milk (although the action of pasteurising milk inactivates it). Now, former director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Dr Robert Redfield, has been wheeled out once again to tell us that bird flu 'will' mutate to affect humans, not through zoonotic spillover, but through gain of function research. He warns of the dire consequences that bird flu may pose to human health by quoting a 25-50% mortality rate. However, Dr Redfield also sounded a similar warning in 2022. Desperate for another pandemic, so it can reinforce the need for its pandemic agreement, the World Health Organization recently announced that a man in Mexico, had been infected with the H5N1 virus and died as a result. Unfortunately for the scare campaign this turned out to be complete misinformation. Interesting that big pharma are already rubbing their hands in anticipation, as governments look to stockpile vaccines to protect against the 'deadly' virus, rather than - at this stage - instigating such socially destructive interventions as lockdowns. Although that's not to say that it will remain so
  • A recent preprint study warns against mass vaccination of animals to prevent the spread of avian flu due to the risk of accelerating viral mutation and leading to more virulent strains. Sounds somewhat familiar.

ANH-USA Update

  • Covid was just the beginning for widespread censorship of information that didn’t meet the ‘approved’ standards. With the adoption of sophisticated AI systems the suppression of information that doesn’t conform to officially sanctioned narratives could be a walk in the park compared to what we saw during covid. This is why we launched our FreeSpeech4Health campaign to fight the ongoing censorship of health information by Big Tech. Find out more and Sign the Petition to help fight the censorship machine
  • Federal agencies in the US could find their wings being clipped by a key Supreme Court case that could reverse the ‘Chevron doctrine’ that meant Courts have to defer to regulatory agencies where case law is murky, causing a major impediment to justice in the US. Weakening or overturning the doctrine would potentially make it much easier to defend access to supplements and natural health options. Find out more from constitutional lawyer, Jonathan Emord Esq.

Covid Update

  • Suggesting that covid gene therapy vaccines could be contributing to recent levels of excess deaths in heavily vaccinated countries is likely to bring down the wrath of the medical censorship complex. That’s exactly what’s happening to a recent paper published in BMJ Public Health by Dutch researchers, which has now been slapped with an Expression of Concern. Even the lead author’s home institute, The Princess Maxima Center, is distancing itself from the research as it ‘investigates’ looking for a reason to retract the paper. Prof Norman Fenton explores the limitations of the study on X, while Aussie17 has the full story on his Substack
  • Dissenters during covid have been cast in the role of villain. Dissenters, such as those who apparently don't care about taking actions for the greater good to reduce harms to society, by deciding not to follow official dictats and mandates. A new paper published in AIMS Press discusses the mandation of covid shots for healthcare workers and the subsequent victimisation and demonisation of anyone refusing to comply with mandates by analysing scientific studies exploring the mandates. The authors conclude that the majority of studies included largely support the narrative and justify measures used to punish anyone resisting official health policies, whether justified or not. Also, that the system discriminates against 'Others' whilst violating fundamental bioethical principles, like informed consent
  • Kansas State is suing Pfizer for misleading the public about the risks of its covid vaccine by hiding risk data and making false claims about its efficacy
  • The Campaign to discredit Prof Didier Raoult and the use of hydroxychloroquine continues as a new investigation is opened into his 2020 paper on the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat covid. Three of the authors on the paper have allegedly requested their names be removed from the paper. Retraction Watch has the full story
  • New analysis suggests higher than officially acknowledged, numbers of children, may have died following covid shots
  • Covid genetic vaccines have been linked to an increased risk of developing Alzheimer's disease and mild cognitive impairment in a new study, published in QJM: An International Journal of Medicine, using data from South Korea. The researchers found a strong association with mRNA shots, within 3 months of their receipt
  • The introduction of combined covid/flu mRNA shots continue to be marketed. In a recent press release, that has hit mainstream headlines, Moderna revealed details from its phase 3 clinical trial. However, the PR is short on published data - there isn't any yet - but long on sales rhetoric. Amongst many questions to be answered, is the claim that the shots provoke neglible adverse reactions when compared to licensed vaccines used in the trial
  • Following the smearing of researchers and authors of a Cochrane review that found masks do little to prevent viral spread by Cochrane Editor, Karla Soares-Weiser, she has now announced no changes will be made to the review. The Disinformation Chronicle has more
  • Dr Byram Bridle shares a report from Canadian province, British Columbia’s Centre for Disease Control, which categorically shows how data was manipulated and hidden to cover up the dangers of covid shots. In fact, the data, which compares adverse effects of covid and flu shots, show covid shots to be sixteen times more dangerous than flu shots.
  • Reports of the demise of one of the foremost censorship organisations during covid, the Stanford Internet Observatory (SIO) may be premature as Stanford asserts the SIO’s work will continue
  • Dr Andrew Madry reports from the Australian senate hearing into excess mortality, which took place on 13 June 2024. Conclusions from the Inquiry are yet to be released.


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