The ANH teams in the UK and USA are hard at work preparing to launch a joint campaign to stop discrimination against people who suffer from, or are at risk of, developing autoimmune disease and choose, with plausible medical justification, to avoid covid vaccination.

In his latest Walk & Talk, ANH founder Rob Verkerk PhD gives a heads about the forthcoming campaign and why it's of such pivotal importance going forward.

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In Rob's short piece to camera, he talks about our natural revulsion to discrimination, whether it's around race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability.  

We don't normally think of someone with autoimmune disease (AI), except in the case of multiple sclerosis, as disabled, but in many cases, people are. In short, autoimmune diseases develop when an individual loses the normal capacity for self-tolerance, meaning the immune system can no longer discern self from non-self and starts attacking its own cells or tissues.  There are over 80 autoimmune diseases out there, from rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, coeliac disease, type 1 diabetes, Hashimoto’s, Graves’, Addison disease, ulcerative colitis, psoriasis, and so many others. 

They’re now one of the fastest expanding groups of diseases, with incidence rising around 19% year on year and approaching 10% of people industrialised countries having been diagnosed with one. 

All of the science points to auto-immune diseases being multi-factorial. There are two main processes that are involved in developing an autoimmune disease:

  1. there needs to be an underlying genetic predisposition, and
  2. the person then tends to be exposed to one or more environmental triggers that sets him or her on a trajectory towards autoimmune disease. The triggers can be anything from infections to chemicals in the environment to vaccines and even emotional stress or trauma.

Back in August 2020 an international group of autoimmune doctors and scientists including the most published scientist in the field of autoimmune disease, Dr Yehuda Shoenfeld, warned the scientific community that there was a very viable mechanism for the covid vaccines to trigger autoimmune disease. This was because they found that the spike protein that forms the basis of the antigens in the covid vaccines, shares 26 peptide sequences in common with the human genome.

Then, earlier this year, we had the first signal of a direct autoimmune causal effect from the covid vaccines – in the form of vaccine induced immune thrombocytopenia – blood clots in the brain. These are experimental vaccines and more data are coming in all the time on blood clot risks – these likely being autoimmune reactions.

Because there needs to be genetic predisposition, familial history of autoimmune disease is an important factor.

So what happens if a person decides that this experimental vaccine might make their autoimmune disease worse. Or for someone who has familial risk, they choose to avoid the vaccine because they don’t want to expose themselves to the risk – they don’t want to become a burden to their loved ones or the healthcare system?

Right now, there are already people in this category who are being discriminated against. It might be through their colleges or universities who are increasingly imposing a blanket policy that requires all students to be vaccinated with this experimental vaccine.

An increasing number of venues and travel operators who are planning to only allow access to vaccinated individuals.

There’s only a subtle difference between a mandatory vaccination policy that so far has been shunned by governments, and this kind of coercion metered out by private companies actively encouraged by governments who can then dismiss criticism levelled at them as they 'blame' the private sector.

The effect is to discriminate over a choice of medical procedure, an experimental one at that.

So we’re giving you a heads up that here at ANH – both ANH Intl and ANH-USA - we will soon be releasing a white paper that takes you through the scientific and legal arguments of why it is likely illegal for companies to discriminate against people with justifiable medical grounds – and in particular those with autoimmune disease or risk – who choose to not receive these experimental vaccines.

If we don’t stand up now to what is right – and we accept it’s OK for governments and private companies to ride rough shod over the boundaries of medical ethics, law and our fundamental freedoms – we will have to accept a very different kind of world – one in which free will and medical autonomy has been cast aside.

And that’s just not acceptable, in our view.

This is a great time - on the day we launch membership of ANH-Intl - to become an ANH Pathfinder, and stay abreast of, and join in on, our campaigns! Positive change is in all of our hands, hearts, minds and spirits. 


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