The need to freely express ourselves and challenge mainstream narratives has never been more important as governments and authorities seek to clamp down on dissent under the guise of 'protecting children' and tackling 'hate speech'.

Recently the UN Secretary-General issued 'an urgent appeal', as part of the International Day for Countering Hate Speech (yep they've even got a day for that!) to stop the proliferation of mis- & disinformation and hate speech. In other words anyone speaking out against established narratives must be silenced. He also referred to the UN's Plan of Action to eliminate hate speech, launched in 2019, as a vehicle to tackle all types of dissent, however it's named and framed.

It's against this backdrop that ANH founder, Rob Verkerk PhD joined Dr Meryl Nass, from Door To Freedom, on Good Morning CHD and also spoke to Pelle Neroth Taylor on TNT Radio (watch from 37:46) to discuss the FreeSpeech4Health campaign, which aims to gather 1 million+ signatures in order to force YouTube to change its medical misinformation policy.

Plus we have an exclusive interview with Rob, and executive coordinator, Meleni Aldridge, recorded during their trip to Geneva as part of the #GenevaProject rally by a French news team from Essentiel News.

So dive in for three fascinating, enlightening and heart affirming interviews as the campaign continues for FreeSpeech4Health and to protect our basic rights and freedoms to health share information freely—even if doesn't comply with pre-determined government, Big Media, or Big Social narratives!

Join Meryl Nass, MD and Rob Verkerk PhD on Good Morning CHD


Rob Verkerk PhD speaks to Pelle Neroth Taylor, TNT Radio

Over to Rob and Meleni in Geneva

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