In this, our last offering of the August Acceleration Series, the skills we share for your strategy going forwards involve learning. Whether you are a health professional wanting to add additional skills to your portfolio, an individual who’d like to be better informed to make more empowered life choices or if you’re interested in retraining, the new health eLearning platform created by the charitable, Health and Wellbeing Trust, is definitely worth a visit. The charity is the brainchild of medical visionary, Dr Rosy Daniel who has long felt that education has the power to create great change - and we certainly have a demand for new health knowledge now.

Meleni Aldridge, our executive coordinator, spoke with Dr Daniel last week about the new eLearning platform - on which both she and Rob Verkerk PhD are soon to be contributors - as well as the additional tools on offer via her Health Creation platform. For example, Dr Daniel’s ‘Picture of Health’ self-assessment tool is a useful barometer of where you are caring for yourself in mind, body, spirit and environment. It takes just 30 mins and is available for a small cost from her website. You then have the option of working with one of Rosy’s trained mentors if you feel that additional guidance is what you require.

Whilst the Health and Wellbeing Trust’s new health eLearning platform has been designed to address the massive burden of chronic disease and “promote full-potential living”, it is also a great resource of evidence-based natural therapies and self-help approaches to empower individuals on their health creation journey. As the health systems buckle under the strain of pandemic related challenges, as well as the chronic disease burden, we are more in need than ever of learning what makes us tick as individuals. The beauty of the platform is that it offers a range of very affordable 10-hour discovery courses that let you dip your toe in the water and garner new skills without having to commit to something much longer and more costly. These are home study, online modules that can be accessed wherever you reside in the world.

It’s high time that this kind of integrated health information went public so it’s not solely in the hands of health professionals. The discovery courses are positioned to allow the public to self-care more effectively and for health professionals to add to their tool box of skills. They are also targeted at conventional health professionals who want to understand more about integrative approaches, but who don’t necessarily have the time to commit to a longer course.

Education in and of itself is empowering, but learning that allows us to care more fully for these wonderful bodies we inhabit, that we are relying on to get us through the times ahead, is so much more so. A healthy, vital, body, mind and spirit is so much more resilient to challenges, allowing us to surf the turbulence with more ease and sovereign grace.

We hope you enjoy Rosy and Meleni’s discussion and that the discovery courses allow you some further consciousness-expanding, empowered, learning.


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About Dr Rosy Daniel BSc, MBBCh

Regenerative Health Consultant and Director of the International College of Regenerative Health

  • Dr Rosy Daniel is a holistic doctor, executive health coach, workplace wellness consultant, broadcaster, speaker, teacher and author specialising in new paradigm models for proactive health creation.
  • Rosy practices at her Bath clinic where she guides the regeneration of positive health for those with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, depression, overweight, arthritis and stress-related illness.Trained as a General Practitioner in Bristol (1986-1989) and gaining a first class intercalated degree in Physiology whilst at Medical School in Cardiff.
  • In 1990-1999 she was doctor then Medical Director of the Bristol Cancer Help Centre (now Penny Brohn Cancer Care) winning the Patronage of His Royal Highness the Price of Wales in 1997.
  • She has authored seven books on cancer and its prevention, lecturing and broadcasting nationally and internationally.
  • After leaving the Bristol Centre she set up Health Creation, offering motivational health coaching and consultancy for individuals and in the workplace. offering a unique approach known as ‘Life Energy Management’ for individuals and organisations that wish to achieve peak performance and fulfilment in life and work with high vitality health and wellbeing.
  • In 2007 Dr Daniel became Medical Director of the Health and Wellbeing Trust charity through which she trains doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals and the public in empowering, sustainable, natural  healthcare and self-help via our new Health-e-Learning platform, with some of the most inspiring teachers in natural healthcare now accessible to all.
  • Dr Daniel is a passionate advocate for positive health and environmental protection through the promotion of full potential living based upon developing emotional, physical, spiritual and ecological intelligence and integrity. Her own health and wellbeing stems from a life-long practice of yoga and she is Patron of the British Wheel of Yoga and the Healing Trust. She is a dedicated health activist, working determinedly to promote healthy change for the sustainability of people and planet.

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