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You won't often see us using battleground language because words create intent and intent creates reality. In this supercharged and challenging world we are currently navigating, the reality we most need to create is one of peace and sovereignty. But the immune system is a different ballgame. This is one body system that you do want to ensure is battle-ready at all times, but not so hot-headed that it'll go off half-cocked at the first hint of a threat, but well-primed and experienced enough to patiently wait on the front lines until the red flag goes up for real. It's all about resilience and being able to react and respond appropriately.

Our immune systems are one of the most complex of all the body systems and also probably the hardest to understand and quantify, as it's also the most invisible, yet integrated, of all the systems. It's complexity indicates its importance to us and indeed, as a species, we are a testament to the success and effectiveness of our immune systems because we are still here. Yet we still see such a lack of trust in our own inherent immune resilience - and how to ensure our own immune systems are getting what they need for optimal function. There has been so much fear generated in the last 17 months that's been terrifying and debilitating for so many. Yet what if there was more understanding and trust in the power of our own immune systems to meet threats and challenges?

This week, as part of our August Acceleration series of skills, strategies and sovereignty, Meleni Aldridge, our executive coordinator, talked to Dr Benjamin Brown ND, an experienced naturopathic doctor, about our exquisitely intelligent protection from within. Dr Brown also happens to be an excellent communicator for such a complex subject. Their discussion (below) conveys a range of simple, practical, inexpensive actions you can take for yourself and your family to ensure your immune systems are 'locked and loaded' and ready for anything. But also importantly, that takes the away some of the black box around our immune function and demonstrates how relatively low tech - and within everyone's reach - the immune system's requirements can be.  


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