Heather Chapman is on a mission to change the way movement-impaired people manage their own health.


Take your health into your own hands. Deal with it and then you won’t have to deal with a doctor telling you to eat less/eat more!

– Heather Chapman MSc, mBANT, CNHC


A horse riding accident just over 10 years ago completely changed Heather's life trajectory and with it, her purpose for being and direction in life. Heather has since become a master at turning devastating consequences into pure potential and now she's set to help others follow in her footsteps - or should that be wheel tracks?

Heather's experience of moving from a very active lifestyle to a completely sedentary one confined to a wheelchair that played havoc with her metabolism and caused extreme weight gain has ultimately given her a new life mission. Were it not for her finding Zoë Harcombe's book, along with the Public Health Collaboration, it doesn't bear thinking about where she might be now. Finding no support or information through conventional routes, Heather was forced to go it alone, and it's a blessing in disguise that she did. Just by changing what she was eating alone, as exercise wasn't an option, she lost an incredible 7 stone / 98 lb / 45 kg sitting in her wheelchair.

Join Heather and Meleni as they discuss how Heather overcame her obesity, depression, low mood and persistent brain fog to become the powerhouse of health she is today, how she used the time during lockdown to gain her MSc in Nutrition at the University of Worcester, and how she plans to transform the health and lives of other movement-impaired people.

As if getting her MSc and starting the new 'Wheely Healthy' company isn't enough, Heather is now planning to undertake a PhD to plug the gaping hole in information and advice on nutrition and health for the wheelchair bound and movement-impaired, through advancing research in the area.

Heather's energy, passion and empowerment is infectious. We hope you find this conversation inspiring, uplifting and informative, but also that it pulls you into the present moment so you can take stock, consciously and coherently. 

Watch this space. We know we'll be hearing a lot more from Heather in the months and years to come. (Scroll down for all Heather's contact details.)

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Contact Heather

We hope Heather's story has inspired you as much as it has us. If you would like to be involved with her work you can find her contact details below:

Telephone: /WhatsApp: 07751861781

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.WheelyHealthy.co.uk

Facebook: WheelyHealthy

Instagram: WheelyHealthyNutrition

Twitter: WheelyHealthy

LinkedIn: WheelyHealthy


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