It's a packed roundup this week as the corona crisis shows no signs of slowing down. We see the continued introduction of draconian restrictions through the use of vaccine mandates and passports designed to force citizens to opt for the jab to maintain their livelihoods, feed their families and access the freedom of travel. The other choice is to opt to become somewhat of a pariah (depending where you live) and to join the 'out crowd', not the 'in crowd'. 

As always, there is a silver lining. Citizens across the globe are coming together in greater numbers to 'Hold the Line', say #Enough is enough and to pushback against the restrictions #Together.

Covid coercion

  • Colorado state university is threatening to arrest any students that have not received a covid ‘vaccine’ should they attempt to enter the university campus
  • The Collège des médecins du Québec (CMQ) is forcing its members to be injected with a covid ‘vaccine’ in order for them to continue to practice. The mandate comes just a day after the CMQ published a notice on its website reminding members that “ examination, treatment or medical intervention, required or not by the health status of the individual, can be accomplished without the free and informed consent of that individual.”
  • In Germany a 2G rule has been created to ‘allow’ businesses, including food shops, to actively discriminate against anyone choosing not to be injected against covid. An increasing number of federal states are now implementing the model in an effort to force more German citizens into submitting to the injections.

Imperial College downgrades pandemic to epidemic

Is the pandemic now an epidemic? According to a recent update from Imperial College on the REACT-1 study, “The epidemic overall is therefore neither growing nor shrinking...”. This suggests, what many scientists have consistently predicted, that the virus would inevitably become endemic, has now happened. However, such a change in terminology has yet to make its way into mainstream media.

Covid lawsuits

Top doctors and scientists from around the world, under the umbrella of Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency (PHMPT), have come together to file a lawsuit against the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to obtain the supporting data for its decision to approve the Pfizer covid-19 injection. The lawsuit follows a Freedom of Information Request, which the FDA has not, as yet, responded to.

Members of all five branches of the US military, federal employees and federal civilian contractors have joined forces to bring a class-action lawsuit over the Department of Defense’s covid ‘vaccine’ mandates saying the mandates violate their religious beliefs after they were refused exemptions on religious grounds.

Many concerned relatives have filed lawsuits in the US, trying to force hospitals to use ivermectin to treat their sick loved ones, despite an ongoing campaign to smear the effectiveness of the drug. In some cases, despite a ruling that a hospital should administer ivermectin to a patient, hospitals have refused to administer it leaving patients in dire straits.

Efforts to overthrow vaccine mandates in Australia have been dealt a blow. A judge has upheld the medical tyranny being foisted on Australian citizens, and ruled that vaccine mandates are legal and that they do not violate bodily integrity. However, the good news is that the Aussies aren't giving up.

People pushback

  • Top NBA star, Kyrie Irving, has in essence, turned down a multi-million $ deal by refusing to be ‘vaccinated’ against covid. His team, the Nets, has now told him that if he continues to refuse the jab he’s off the team. Despite pressure from the Nets, Irving has dug his heels in and refused, reportedly saying, he’s opposed to people losing their jobs due to vaccine mandates and that he wants to be a “a voice for the voiceless”
  • Port workers at Trieste in Italy continue their blockade of the port as they go head to head with the Italian government over the introduction of the Green Pass. Reports from the front line show police gassing and spraying protestors with water cannons. Despite squares full of protesting citizens, official supposed ‘live’ webcam footage from multiple cameras shows just one peaceful empty square as authorities desperately try to cover up the extent of the protests and resistance
  • A Canadian doctor is speaking out against mandated vaccines after she witnessed first-hand, the terrible toll being wrought on the health of those lining up to be jabbed. In a letter to the CEO of Alberta Health Services, the doctor, who remains anonymous for fear of retribution, expressed her opposition to the mandates. She has also helped to form Health Professionals United, a group made up of thousands of healthcare workers in Alberta province, to fight against injection mandates
  • Thousands of workers across the US and Canada are standing together against mandated covid injections:
    • The International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers has sent a letter to the Union Pacific Company to say it strongly disagrees with the company’s requirement for its employees to be jabbed
    • Boeing Workers in Seattle have been protesting against mandates
    • Moving footage from Seattle shows Police and Firefighters returning their boots after they were fired for refusing to be jabbed. The Seattle Police Officer’s Guild has slammed the city’s vaccine mandate in a statement
    • Following the introduction of mandated vaccines health care workers in Quebec took to the streets to protest in a ‘March for the uniformed’
    • Canadian National Railway workers have issued a cease and desist letter to the company over its ‘vaccine’ mandates. Should the company continue with threats to fire or suspend workers without pay a class-action lawsuit will be brought seeking punitive damages for violating its employees human rights
    • Thousands of New Yorkers took to the streets to protest the introduction of mandated covid jabs at a rally attended by Children’s Health Defense Chair, Robert F Kennedy Jr, along with its President, Mary Holland. Holland told the crowd “we are winning”
    • Following an alleged ‘sick out’ and protests by Southwest Airline employees along with the filing of a lawsuit against vaccine mandates, Southwest Airline CEO Gary Kelly has said he never wanted to instigate a mandate and that he was only ‘following orders’
    • A Washington State University football coach and four assistants have lost their jobs after they refused to comply with covid jab mandates
    • Action4Canada is calling on parents to serve Notice of Liability letters on school board trustees in a pushback against attempts to mandate the jabbing of school children
    • An estimated 3,220 Chicago police officers are reported to be defying the City's jab mandates
    • A UK man who was due to be prosecuted for organising a protest during lockdown has had his case thrown out of court shortly before it was due to be heard. His lawyers had planned to fight the prosecution using article 10 and 11 of the Human Rights Act. After the legal argument was sent to the CPS the case was discontinued.

Covid whistle-blowers

  • A US nurse who was fired for refusing to be jabbed has claimed that the hospital where he worked has lied about bed shortages due to covid patients saying the reality does not match media reporting
  • Physician Assistant Deborah Conrad has spoken out after letters sent by her solicitor to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reporting discrepancies in the reporting of vaccine adverse events and the numbers of vaccinated people being admitted were ignored. She alleges even though less than 50% of the community she’s a part of have been ‘vaccinated’, approximately 90% of hospital admissions were vaccinated individuals, many of whom were young and presented with unusual or unexpected health events. She also alleges the hospital where she worked told her not to file VAERs reports for suspected adverse reactions
  • A US based physician has sent a solicitor's letter to the FDA and CDC after she received no response when she tried to report her concerns over the increased levels of vaccine injured patients being admitted to the ICU where she works.

Covid censorship

Ole Skambraks has worked for German public broadcaster ARD for more than 12 years. He has decided he can no longer remain mute over levels of censorship and lack of transparency around the topic of the coronavirus crisis. In an open letter he says he, “…can no longer silently watch what has been going on for a year and a half now within my organization…”. He concludes by saying he feels like a “heretic”, that he hopes he won’t be punished for speaking out and that his letter may allow him to enjoy constructive exchanges with his colleagues.

Covid vaccines

  • The Senate in France has voted against making the Covid vaccine mandatory for all citizens 
  • Moderna booster shots have been unanimously voted through by an FDA panel for over 65s, over 18s at risk and frontline workers.
  • Amidst mounting concerns over heart issues in young people following receipt of the Moderna jab the FDA is delaying the approval process for the jab for use in adolescents
  • The UK’s NHS is encouraging pregnant women to get ‘vaccinated’ against covid quoting new data in a press release showing they are at high risk of complications if they contract covid. It’s of little surprise that the supporting data has not been made available as yet to allow for independent verification
  • After thousands of menstruating and menopausal women raised concerns over menstrual irregularities following covid vaccination a new preprint study finds that there is a very real issue and calls for more research to investigate the biological mechanisms driving the problems
  • Levels of viral shedding from infected individuals has been confirmed as being the same whether vaccinated or unvaccinated in a new preprint study
  • UK MP Sir Christopher Chope has introduced a private members’ bill entitled 'Covid-19 vaccine Damage Bill' into Parliament. The purpose of the bill is to create an independent review of damage caused by covid-19 vaccinations and the adequacy of compensation being offered. Sir Christopher explains his reason for the introduction of the bill in an interview with GB News
  • In a rarely seen move, a paper written by Jessica Rose and Dr Peter McCullough, entitled '

    A Report on Myocarditis Adverse Events in the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) in Association with COVID-19 Injectable Biological Products' published in Current Problems in Cardiology linking a spike in myocarditis cases in teenagers and the commencement of covid vaccination, has been temporarily removed without any explanation from the publisher or notification to the authors. UPDATE 30/10 - the paper has now been permanently removed

  • The Mexican government has been ordered by a Federal Court Judge to offer covid-19 vaccines to all children aged 12-17 following a legal challenge from a child seeking to be jabbed.

Covid treatments

  • The State of Nebraska’s Attorney General has just released an opinion on the off label use of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine for prevention or treatment of covid-19 saying that physicians should be allowed to prescribe both drugs in order to save lives, keep patients out of hospital and provide relief to healthcare systems
  • The day after investigative reporter Mary Beth Pfeiffer outed the FDA for lying about calls to a poisons hotline in regard to ivermectin her Twitter account was suspended for seven days. Another case of 'cancel culture' covering up the lies and deceit in those of positions of power?
  • Dominican doctor, Dr José Natalio Redondo, has revealed that 99.3% of covid patients given early treatment for covid-19, including the use of ivermectin recovered within five days of symptoms starting
  • Researchers publishing in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases, provide yet more evidence of the benefits of using melatonin to treat covid-19 concluding that it can prevent complications, reduce mortality rate and be beneficial as an adjuvant therapy. Melatonin also plays a key role in the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) covid-19 prevention and early treatment protocol
  • The Thai Government is claiming it’s successfully treating mild covid disease in its prison population using Andrographis paniculata, otherwise known as green chiretta. Thousands of prisoners with mild symptoms were treated with green chiretta with a reported 99% recovery rate.


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