For many, life might feel almost normal as covid retreats ever further into the shadows, but for others, particularly parents, the covid vaccines in their children's vaccine schedule looms large. In the UK, the covid vaccines were just quietly added to the schedule from 5-16 years. In the US, there's been a loud and significant pushback against the US decision to give emergency use authorisation for the jabbing of babies and young children this last week.

We recommend any parents who haven't yet made a decision about whether they should agree to their children being covid vaccine injected to watch this short video (which has been removed from YouTube for promoting medical misinformation!) from Pathologist, Dr Clare Craig, of the HART Group explaining the problems with the 'science' used to prop up and justify what could potentially be disastrous for the health and wellbeing of our most precious assets - children for whom covid presents barely any risk.

We've scoured the news channels of both old and new media to bring you as much news and information as we can to keep you updated with what's happening and how, despite what you may hear to the contrary, the covid narrative is falling apart.

Pushbacks & positives!

  • US based, Urgency of Normal, is calling on US citizens or residents to get behind a new initiative to push the CDC to change its recommendations for covid jabs, especially for the under 5s along with testing and isolation strategies in a bid to protect their long-term health and wellbeing. Its Open Letter proposes a move towards a test and treat strategy, removal of all jab mandates implemented by schools, colleges, universities and other activities that actively discriminate against those children who remain jab-free. The wording of recommendations for children to be injected should be changed to "COVID-19 vaccines are available for children ages 6 months-17 years and boosters are available for children 5 and older and their administration should be a choice to be discussed between the individual and their primary care physician”. If you are outside the US, please forward the Open Letter to family, friends and networks who reside in the US. so they can sign and support the initiative
  • A recent study in The BMJ questions the imposition of covid jab mandates on those who have acquired natural immunity through infection. The authors state that there is a clear lack of evidence that jab induced immunity trumps that of natural immunity and without this evidence there is no justification for mandating jabs for those with natural immunity
  • 'The Children’s Inquiry: How the state and society failed the young during the Covid-19 pandemic' is a new book from the founders of UsforThem, Liz Cole and Molly Kingsley. The book highlights how children were used during the coronavirus crisis to further adult agendas. This is illustrated through the use of exclusive testimony from academics, politicians, scientists, educators and former Children's Commissioners. The book launch on the 30th June 2022 comes ahead of the covid public enquiry in the UK and calls for an "...honest appraisal of what went wrong, and commitment from stakeholders to reimagine - not just recover - childhood"
  • The Hood is a community of parents, doctors, nurses, academics, scientists, lawyers and concerned others who share a common goal to protect children in New Zealand from covid jabs. They're preparing to go to Court on the 27th and 28th June in order to protect their children but they still need additional funds to cover the costs. Donations can be made to support the action here
  • The South African government has announced the ending of all covid restrictions. The release of restrictions come despite a modest uptake of covid jabs, which will now be moved to the general jab schedule
  • A nursing student in Australia, who was sanctioned by a senior lecturer at the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Western Sydney University, has won her court action arguing she should not have been discriminated against when her placement was cancelled because she wasn't jabbed. She was subsequently jabbed but having questioned the safety of the jabs her placement was once again cancelled due to her 'anti-vax' sentiments
  • The Court of Rome ruled in March 2022 that an Italian healthcare worker suspended from their workplace for refusing to comply with a jab mandate should be reinstated as the suspension is illegal. This is an important ruling as up until now the Court has always rejected such appeals.

Censorship, misinformation & nudges

  • The American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) is attempting to revoke the medical licenses of Drs Peter McCullough and Pierre Kory for alleged misinformation despite the number of lives they have saved through their work. You can be sure that they will continue to fight such actions and their work to protect the health of those that need them
  • Dr Simone Gold made the mistake of visiting Washington DC to speak at the Capitol building. She was swept along into the Capitol building during the ‘riots’, following which, her house was raided by the FBI. She has now been prosecuted and sentenced to two months in prison and fined $9,500
  • Chinese citizens in Shanghai attempting to withdraw funds from their banks which had been frozen by the state, had their health apps turned red preventing them from using any transport and, as a result, forcing them to self-isolate by the authorities to prevent them from protesting. This demonstrates the totalitarian power inherent in digital IDs
  • The Israeli Ministry of Health is reportedly forming a special division to monitor and prosecute anyone who opposes the mainstream narrative around covid jabs. The news comes a day after the Israeli government mandated yet another covid booster for healthcare workers
  • An internet censorship bill, which will allow the Canadian government to instigate draconian controls over free speech on the internet, has passed its first phase in the Canadian Parliament. The Bill is now before the Canadian Senate, which is likely to take a long, hard, detailed look at the legislation before voting in the Autumn
  • Matthias Desmet's new book The Psychology of Totalitarianism Chelsea Green Publishing, 2022 takes us on a journey into how mass formation occurs and reveals just how close we are to surrendering our sovereignty to totalitarian states.

Restrictions & controls

  • Having failed to bring in a global digital ID during the coronavirus crisis, the World Economic Forum is now joining forces with the World Trade Organization in a bid to push its domination of the world and implementation of a global digital ID. Their combined vision is set out in a new report entitled – ‘The promise of TradeTech: Policy approaches to harness trade digitalization’. The report sets out a vision to build “…end to end trade digitization…”, where individual identities will no longer be considered viable.

Covid injections

  • A survey commissioned by the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation (VSRF) has found that 14% of the 500 randomly selected people, who were surveyed, believed they had been injured by covid jabs and 1% of those have been so badly injured they are no longer able to work. Writing on his Substack, Steve Kirsch, extrapolates the numbers to equate such injuries to 2 million Americans who potentially have been severely injured by covid injections
  • The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention admitted it has never monitored the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) for safety signals related to the covid jabs. The revelation came to light after a Freedom of Information request was submitted by the Children’s Health Defense team after repeated assurances by the CDC that the jabs are completely safe despite abundant data to suggest otherwise
  • Peter Doshi and colleagues have published a preprint paper analysing serious adverse event data from the Moderna and Pfizer covid jab trials. In essence, the paper concludes that the risk of the jabs causing serious harm is greater than any benefit that may have been offered by the injections. The study also critiques the US Food & Drug Administration's appraisal of the data suggesting its analysis was done in such a way as to cover up the number of serious adverse events experienced by trial participants. The authors conclude by commenting on the lack of transparency of available data and call for formal harm/benefit studies to be undertaken
  • Numerous reports of serious adverse events during the phase 3 clinical trials for the Pfizer covid jab have been revealed via documents released in the latest data dump. The most recent batch of documents includes Case Report Forms (CRFs), which reveal deaths and severe reactions to the jabs that have not been correctly recorded as such. They also show a trend of classifying almost all adverse events, particularly serious adverse events (SAEs), as being ‘not related’ to the jab
  • Rising basketball player, 25 year old Caleb Swanigan, was about to realise his dreams of becoming a top flight player. Sadly, Swanigan died suddenly of ‘natural causes’ this week according to the Coroner. An extremely fit, healthy young man who has dropped dead with no apparent cause of death. In other news, The Telegraph reports an American synchronised swimmer passed out in the pool for the second time in a year, and had to be rescued by her coach
  • A significant decline in sperm counts in men who donated to three fertility clinics in Israel was seen following the second Pfizer jab. Researchers publishing in Andrology found that the after five months sperm concentration levels returned to normal. However, digging into the paper it seems that this is more spin than fact as sperm counts, despite a small recovery, were still 19% below pre-shot levels. It should be noted the small number of men studied, but Iif nothing else the paper should sound an early warning in regard to potential fertility issues in men
  • Covid jabs provide virtually no protection against omicron infection just months after booster shots. Both antibody and T cell protection were found to be virtually non-existent in a study published in Science. Even more concerning is the T-cell response of those who have been injected but not previously been infected was found to be biased towards the original Wuhan strain, which the jabs are based on. It's of no surprise that the researchers failed to include anyone who's jab-free in their analysis. Alex Berenson writing on Substack takes a deeper dive into the paper, what it says and most importantly what it means for those who've been covid jabbed in terms of protection. Further evidence of the lack of protection against omicron and omicron variants from covid jabs has been published in Nature
  • Moderna is gearing up to offer its bivalent jab to combat omicron in August following an announcement of its supposed efficacy. The company has claimed the booster shot elicits high antibody levels against omicron and its variants however, these levels and one third that of the levels against the original strain of covid.


  • Dr Andrew Hill has resurfaced as part of a team dismissing the use of ivermectin to treat covid. Published in Frontiers in Medicine the new randomised controlled study concluded that their findings did not support the use of ivermectin to treat covid patients. However, what the results did show is that patients showed significant improvement against all criteria when given ivermectin, even though they only took it for 3 days rather than the recommended 5 days or longer. Patients also weren't given ivermectin until they'd been sick for at least a week despite recommendations to start its use as soon as someone becomes unwell.

Other News

  • A new study comparing jab immunity with natural immunity has been published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) based on omicron infections in Qatar. The difference in immunity levels is stark with natural immunity being far stronger and lasting much longer than jab induced immunity, which is shown to wane within a very short time following injection. A second study, also published in the NEJM, based on data from Israel, supports the findings of the Qatar study establishing natural immunity was superior to that conferred by two Pfizer jabs, which waned quickly
  • Warnings are being given about the development of ‘contagious vaccines’ (here and here). In theory, such ‘vaccines’ only need 5% of populations to be jabbed; the other 95% would ‘catch’ the vaccine as it spreads from person to person bypassing the requirement for informed consent and any objections to a particular jab that may arise. As Aaron Kheriaty, writing for Brownstone Institute says, “What could go wrong?”
  • At the same time Jessica Rose PhD sounds a warning over the next generation synthetic mRNA jabs known as self-amplifying mRNAs (saRNA). Already the current crop of mRNA jabs are being referred to as conventional mRNA. The twist with saRNA is it copies itself so it stays in the body for at least double the amount of time of 'conventional' mRNA so a lower dose is required. Arcturus has already carried out clinical trials in Vietnam to test the new technology
  • Israel has one of the highest covid jab rates in the world, yet it has experienced a significant rise in covid infections in recent weeks. More concerning is the rise in seriously ill patients and deaths. Health officials are blaming the BA.5 variant for the spike. Portugal has also experienced a spike in covid infections recently despite nearly 100% of the population being jabbed
  • A Midwestern Doctor writing on Substack describes the surge in Google searches for information related to health issues that correlate with the rollout of covid jabs in the USA. The article is a plain English addendum to the article written by Steve Kirsch who first alerted people to this information
  • The fifth largest life insurance company in the US, Lincoln National, experienced a 163% increase in payouts in 2021 according to public record requests made by Crossroads Report. The financial data contained in annual statements show payouts of $500 million USD in 2019, $548 million USD in 2020 and $1.4 billion USD in 2021. The statements don't show the number of payouts made only the total amounts. The vast majority of those covered by such companies are aged between 18 and 64 years. In a press release accompanying results for the first quarter of 2022 the company revealed a loss of $41 million USD due to non-pandemic related morbidity
  • The use of smartphones to track people during the coronavirus crisis were not as successful as expected. Calls are now being made by researchers publishing in Nature Biotechnology to further evaluate their use and find ways to circumvent concerns around data privacy in order to expand adoption, particularly in low- and middle-income countries, and create a single globalised system
  • A new preprint paper claims to have linked persistent and elevated blood levels of spike protein with long covid symptoms. However, the paper fails to have adequately distinguished between sequelae in those exposed to the wild virus versus those that may have been perpetuated by continued spike protein exposure following covid injections.


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