Concerns over the ramping up of the push to covid jab children up are beginning to hit legacy media. Writing in the Wall Street Journal, editorial board member, Allysia Finley, expresses concerns over the rush to jab kids, questioning the safety and efficacy of the shots and the significant lowering of approval standards by the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA). If you're a parent, it’s worth revisiting a study published in Nature Immunology in December 2021, which shows just how robust and adaptive children’s immune systems are naturally, even in the face of covid. The paper is amply supported by more recent studies, which can be found below.

Pandemic preparedness - in multiple - continues to rear its authoritarian head with reports of the apparent resurgence of a variety of diseases little seen in the modern, but particularly industrialised world. Eye watering sums of money are being thrown around for 'further research' (in the hopes of digging up a deadly pathogen?) and development of systems designed to oppress people further when the next 'big one' hits. Unfortunately for those peddling behavioural nudges and fear tactics, such prophesying headlines appear to be falling largely on increasingly deaf ears. We all know what happened to the boy who cried wolf...

Pushbacks & positives!

  • A group of 78 UK doctors have published an open letter to the Medical and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and others detailing why children aged six months to four years should not be covid jabbed
  • Dr Mark Hobart is taking the Australian Medical Board (AMB) to Court on 12 July asking for the Court to refer him to a Tribunal so he can defend himself against the AMB's claims that he's a danger to the public
  • Drs Peter McCullough, Robert Malone and Brian Tyson have filed a lawsuit against Twitter after Twitter censored them by removing their accounts for sharing alleged ‘misinformation’. The lawsuit also notes that despite meeting the required criteria, Twitter refused to award them ‘verified’ badges. They are asking for the Court to order Twitter to reinstate their accounts
  • PANDA (Pandemics – Data & Analytics) believes an injustice has taken place during the pandemic. They plan to send an open-letter, with at least 750 signatures of healthcare professionals, to the boards of medical professional bodies and regulator bodies internationally to show the scale of concern amongst the medical community. You can show your support along with PANDA and other global healthcare professionals in calling for accountability by signing the open letter here
  • A virologist, Ian Lipkin, who co-authored a key statement published in The Lancet, which aimed to cover up the possibility of the SARS-CoV-2 virus originating in a lab, has had his undeclared affiliations with EcoHealth Alliance exposed after it was found he was a partner to the organisation from 2012 to 2014 according to an exposé published by U.S. Right to Know, knocking his supposed neutrality into the park
  • At the end of June, human rights lawyer Peter Fam and former barrister Julian Gillespie, sent a letter to the Australian Human Rights Commissioner, Ms Lorraine Finlay detailing how the Australian Human Rights Commission has failed to perform their statutory function to defend the human rights of Australians, over the past two years
  • Canadian military veteran, James Topp, has walked a total of 4,297 km across Canada to highlight the harm caused by covid mandates to Canadian citizens. He has written to every Canadian politician asking them to sit down with him to discuss how to heal the damage. Only a few were brave enough to take up his offer. He now faces dismissal from the military because he has criticised covid jab mandates and the government's actions over the past couple of years
  • Pfizer is attempting to dismiss a lawsuit brought by whistleblower Brook Jackson. The reason they've given is that the US government knew about the alleged fraud committed during the clinical trials therefore the case should not be heard under the False Claims Act
  • The decision by the San Diego police force to mandate covid jabs for its officers has backfired on them as police officers continue to leave the force with a reported 22% having departed already
  • A judge in Uruguay gave the government, the Ministry of Health, the state health agency, and pharmaceutical giant Pfizer 48 hours to produce information on the covid jabs to support claims of their efficacy and that they’re safe for use, reveal any experimental components, detail the composition of the jabs, disclose contracts between the government and vaccine companies and evidence that those who are jab-free pose a risk to others along with information to show alternative therapies to treat covid have been investigated. UPDATE: The judge has now suspended the covid jab programme for children under the age of 13 after the government failed to provide all of the requested documents

Censorship, misinformation & nudges

  • Following comments at a conference in December 2021, that the risks of jabbing kids with covid shots far outweigh the benefits, Dr Patrick Provost, professor of microbiology and immunology at the University of Laval, Quebec has been suspended from his job. Following the conference he sent an email to other professors at the University following which a complaint was made resulting in his suspension. He has expressed shock and surprise at what he says amounts to censorship for sharing his research on the subject saying we need to be able to ask questions and debate the subject openly.

Restrictions & controls

  • Existing travel restrictions in Canada have been extended until “at least” the end of September. Comments from the Public Safety Minister suggest that the ArriveCAN app, which was originally developed due to covid to track travellers could become a permanent feature of Canada’s cross-border checks
  • The Digital Culture, Media and Sports Committee has said the UK government's Online Safety Bill hands too much power to censor online content to the Secretary of State interfering with Ofcom's ability to fulfil its obligations independently.


  • Healthcare settings in England and Wales are bringing back mask wearing as covid cases increase even though the evidence is clear that they do not prevent the spread of infection
  • Brittany Ferries has also reinstated mask-wearing on its ships. Currently this remains a request for all passengers over the age of six to mask up, rather than a requirement.


  • The second World Ivermectin Day, convened by the World Council for Health, is taking place on July 23rd 2022. Click here for more information on how to get involved.

Covid injections

  • Mayor of New York, Eric Adams, confirmed at a recent press conference, that his team are looking at how they can bring in mandated covid jabs for children ahead of the new school year. He said he and his team are still discussing the “…best way to do it”
  • A new study from Italy, published in The Lancet details the very low ‘effectiveness’ of covid jabs for children aged 5-11 years with protection dropping significantly following the shots being administered. The study compared data in the jabbed group with children who remained jab-free
  • Children and adolescents who’ve had covid are protected against reinfection for at least 18 months following infection according a new preprint study from Israeli researchers. The authors of the study question the need for children and adolescents that have had covid to be covid jabbed
  • Steve Kirsch, via his Substack, shares anecdotal reports of two and three year old children experiencing seizures within 5 days of receiving covid jabs
  • Calls are being made in Australia for further covid jabs to be made available for all adults as the continent braces itself for the new omicron variants to hit even though its population is highly jabbed already
  • The Austrian Health Minister is attempting to shift the blame for deaths and injuries post jab on to doctors who he says didn't provide sufficient information to enable patients to make an informed decision about covid jabs. The Health Minister seems to have conveniently forgotten the government's role in forcing individuals to be jabbed or face punitive sanctions and the threats that doctors who questioned the jabs and mandates would lose their license to practise
  • The Canadian Health Minister has said that Canadians will never be ‘fully vaccinated’ against covid. In a recent statement, he switched from using the term ‘fully vaccinated’ to ‘up to date’, saying “Up to date means you’ve received your latest dose in the past 9 months". Canadian citizens are now expected to be jabbed every 9 months to be considered up to date with their covid jabs
  • The spike protein of the SARS-CoV-2 virus is associated with an increased risk of developing autoimmune reactions following infection such as blood-clotting disorders and cardiac disease due to molecular mimicry according to the authors of a new study published in Viruses. They also raise concern over the potential for the spike protein created by covid jabs to drive the development of autoimmune disease
  • The rollout of covid booster jabs is associated with increasing excess mortality in New Zealand, according to a new working paper published by John Gibson of the School of Accounting, Finance and Economics at the University of Waikato. According to his analysis, New Zealanders in age groups most likely to receive covid booster shots are estimated to have a 7-10% higher risk of dying than those age groups that are too young for boosters
  • The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has refused to provide evidence that covid jabs aren’t driving the mutation of the SARS-CoV2 virus. In response to three freedom of information requests made by the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN), the CDC has said it doesn’t hold any documents because covid shots “…do not create or cause variants".
  • The US Food and Drug Administration has recommended jab manufacturers tailor their shots to deal with the current mutations of covid. However, such amended jabs will not be required to go through further trials or testing prior to approval!
  • Being triple jabbed does not protect against infection with the omicron variant of covid. Scientists writing in Science found those who were triple jabbed had a 20 times lower antibody response to omicron infection than the original Wuhan strain. The paper also notes that the immune system of those injected, who’ve been infected with the original strain of covid mounts a far less effective response due to ‘original antigenic sin
  • A recent article in STAT News discusses covid jabs for children and the problem of original antigenic sin. The article also comments on the almost total reliance on covid jabs to deal with covid, noting any protection conferred by the jabs quickly wanes. The article, written prior to the FDA's decision to approve covid shots for young children, cautions those making the decisions to "...exercise extreme caution before authorizing administration of the vaccines to the incredibly young..."
  • Three employees of the Walt Disney Company in the USA are suing the company after they refused covid jabs on religious grounds and the company targeted them with unreasonable and draconian restrictions in a bid to force them to submit to the jab
  • Researchers claim to be close to perfecting a covid vaccine that can be inhaled rather than injected. It will target multiple proteins in the virus rather than just the spike protein, which mutates quickly to evade the immune system response.

Prepping for other pandemics

Pandemic preparedness is currently de rigeur. The University of Oxford in the UK, has just announced the launch of a new pandemic institute to prepare for and counter future pandemics in the wake of covid as the World Bank announced the introduction of a financial intermediary fund (FIF) to finance pandemic preparedness globally. A swift search brings up news of the reappearance and apparent resurgence of 'ancient' diseases no longer considered to be a danger to humans as mainstream media attempts to soften up the general public once again for what is predicted to be on the horizon.

It started with monkeypox, which the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has just downgraded from being a high consequence infectious disease (HCID), although they did this with covid too. The World Health Organization (WHO) continues to keep people on tenterhooks over whether or not they will declare a pandemic situation even though as at 27 June a mere 3,413 cases hadbeen declared across 50 countries. In a Twitter thread on the 6th July the Director of the WHO claims over 6,000 cases have now been recorded globally as he prepares to reconvene the Emergency Committee on the 18th July. US media rhetoric has taken on a slightly hysterical tone as warnings are given that the situation could spiral out of control. Germany is rolling out jabs along with the UK, while the US has ordered an additional 2.5 million doses of smallpox vaccines. Less than 80 deaths have been attributed to monkeypox, all of which have been in Africa. Meanwhile, a new study published in The Lancet calls attention to the difference in clinical presentation of current monkeypox cases to previous outbreaks.

Then along came warnings that a vaccine-related strain of polio had been found in waste water in London, which is being blamed on reduced polio vaccination in children due to covid. Although vaccine-derived polio virus has been found in waste water since the 1940's. What sets this outbreak apart is that the virus appears to have mutated to spread from person to person. We shouldn't be surprised to hear that this latest disease outbreak follows closely on the heels of the announcement of a new polio jab funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which became the first ever vaccine to be granted emergency approval paving the way for the approval of covid jabs. The nOPV jab has been developed to counter vaccine derived polio infections fuelled by the use of the OPV jab.

The latest 'ancient' diseases to rear their heads in areas where they're not normally seen, are tuberculosis, diptheria and an antibiotic resistant strain of typhoid. Mainstream media is now fanning the fear flames with reports of a Marburg outbreak in Africa.

Last but not least is the infamous Disease X. So named as it awaits the arrival of a new unknown pathogen poised to wreak havoc on the global population. Adding to the plethora of warnings of the imminent demise of the human race and lining the pockets of many organisations, researchers and pharmaceutical companies as the scramble to prepare for the 'next pandemic' continues around the world.

Whilst we await their next chess move, we recommend continuing to ensure you have a robust and resilient immune system, a non-inflamed brain and as much inner peace and calm as you can generate.


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