October feels as if someone has hit the fast forward button and we’re only 1 week in so far. Hitting the ground running is an understatement, but we know it’s not just the ANH team feeling the uptick in the energy. Huge swathes of citizens globally are now deeply desirous of change and this demand is translating, at an increasingly rapid pace, into new educational offerings, events, organisations and groups. ‘For the people, by the people’, along with new-found solidarity, are good descriptions of the intent that’s building these new foundations.

From the earliest recordings in cave paintings, humans have used story to teach and to learn. Back then, the ability to learn effectively and apply that learning practically could mean the difference between life and death, finding food, avoiding hazards and passing on such learning to our offspring for the next generations.

Learning and education still speaks deeply to the core of us humans. It’s why it can be so empowering and so liberating when that learning also helps us to be more confident, to feel safe, to achieve our goals, to make necessary life changes and to ultimately reach more of our potential as the sovereign, free, beings we are.

Evolving education

At the end of any cycle of change, the old gives way to the new. We’re seeing a lot of this happening all around the world now. Education, like politics and healthcare, are large deeply rooted bastions that will take time to shift to new positions of sustainability and the public good. But the digital world, double edged sword that it is, provides the opportunity for new educational portals to birth, widening the choice and scope of courses on offer. The virtual online world knows no boundaries other than the requirement to have a digital device and access to the net.

Enter the new Health-e-Learning platform from The Health & Wellbeing Trust, brainchild of medical visionary, Dr Rosy Daniel. Some of you might remember that Meleni Aldridge spoke with Dr Daniel back in August, where they discussed the e-learning platform and its planned smorgasbord of discovery courses across lifestyle management and integrative medicine. The courses are accredited by the The International College of Regenerative Health and professional CPD/CME credits are available. These are very accessible, affordable, 10-hour home study modules, targeted at health professionals wishing to garner knowledge cross-discipline and the general public with a thirst for learning to achieve more effective, empowered self-care.


Human beings are complex and multifaceted with a range of diverse, physical, emotional and higher needs. Therefore, health creation solutions need to reflect this diversity in order to appropriately address what ails us. Through this lens, current conventional healthcare deals with such a tiny snapshot of human health considering the myriad ways in which we can feel out of balance and need support. Over the coming months, expect to see this Health e-Learning platform expanding and offering a wide range of courses that reflect, and speak to, our multifaceted nature.

We are thrilled to be allied with the Health & Wellbeing Trust and The International College of Regenerative Health  in this mission to make sustainable natural healthcare solutions available more widely to more people. Education has always been a cornerstone of ANH's mission and focus, and will continue to be even more so in the future. Both discovery courses from Rob and Meleni will be available imminently, but this is just the beginning. Further discovery courses, and more extensive courses through the lens of ANH's Ecological Terrain specifically for health professionals, are coming soon.

>>> Lifestyle Medicine 101: Universal Medicine for the 21st Century by Rob Verkerk PhD FACN

>>> Resetting metabolic health and resilience using food and evolutionary pathways for effective weight management by Meleni Aldridge BSc NutrMed Dip cPNI

Are you available at very short notice?

If you're you're free on Thursday 7th October at 6:00 pm BST / 1:00 pm EST,  you might like to join us for the public launch of the health e-learning platform from the Health & Wellbeing Trust.

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