‘Adult care’ – both social care and acute care – may well be the straw that breaks the back of mainstream healthcare systems, unless radical change occurs soon. If you’re enjoying health today, you surely want to make sure you can have the healthcare you need as you age. If we stick with the business as usual model of healthcare – which, in its simplest form, is do little or nothing until you get sick then rely heavily on drugs and surgery to treat diseases that were preventable but have become irreversible – the standard of care you can expect will be a far cry from today’s. That’s deeply concerning given that there are plenty of markers suggesting adult care is already in crisis. 

In the UK, it’s also worth considering that adult social care isn’t free at the point of use like healthcare. The support is there, but only for those with the greatest need and lowest means.

It’s the seismic scale and inevitability of this crisis if we don’t radically change the way we do healthcare that triggered the development of our blueprint model for health system sustainability.

As part of our public engagement process we trialled our first webinar on our blueprint with a focus group earlier this week. We recorded the video for anyone to view – but it will need an hour and 11 minutes of your time if you want to view it in its entirety, including the Q&A. So, if you’re interested in getting further insights to the key elements of the ‘ecological terrain’ model that lies at the heart of the blueprint, fix yourself a herbal tea, make yourself comfortable, and click on the video below

If you’ve got any comments, we’d also be grateful if you would add your comments below the video on YouTube.  Thank you.



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