Over the past two weeks, we’ve released two very in-depth, data-laden articles about the current crop of covid jabs: the first dealing with purported benefits; the second dealing with harms. We’re aware that they’re both hefty reads that come with a significant time tag. So this week we offer you a short, visual, summary with some key numbers. We hope this speaks volumes in a shorter timeframe and that you can share this article and the infographic as widely as you can.

Here’s a reminder of the links to the full-length feature articles:

>>> Part One: Latest snapshots of a moving target of a ‘pandemic’

>>> Part Two: How safe are covid ‘vaccines’?

A pandemic of propaganda or a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”?

We are navigating a deeply uncertain world at the moment, made all the more challenging by a lack of coherence between the mainstream narrative and the scientific data that is currently available. Political (and other) agendas abound to further muddy the waters. The following infographic is a visual snapshot of a few of the latest numbers.

Forgive the baldness of the delivery. Numbers shouldn't lie, but they can easily be twisted and turned to say something differently. Fauci, Biden and others may be trying to persuade people that this is a “… pandemic of the unvaccinated” in order to coerce more into accepting the jab, but we leave you to look at the figures below and come to your own conclusion.

You can also listen to an excellent round table exchange between 8 eminent doctors and scientists who share their clinical experience and explain why they have dissenting views compared with those of the 'mainstream narrative'.  

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