ANH executive coordinator, Meleni Aldridge, caught up with Glen Jung of Canadian-based, Bright Light News, as she was heading to the airport after the 2nd Congress of the World Council for Health and Médicos Pela Vida (Doctors for Life) in Brazil. Glen was keen to discuss the failures of conventional medicine to prevent and deal with the tsunami of chronic disease afflicting people globally and hear Meleni's view, as a integrative medicine practitioner, and co-author of the recently published book, RESET EATING.

One of the main take homes from their short interview is that taking the necessary steps to regenerate and maintain health isn't hard and is something that we can all engage in using simple nutrition and lifestyle changes. Meleni's presentation at the conference was specifically targeted at brain health - but what lights up the brain with inflammation and predisposes it to chronic disease, also lights up the body in a similar way. The steps towards disease prevention for both brain and body are unsurprisingly the same. Nature doesn't waste energy!

Meleni expresses her frustration, echoed by many practitioners globally, that governments and medical authorities are still mute on the impact that food and lifestyle choices can have on health. Especially criminal after we've seen first hand that covid-19 exploited the metabolically compromised. We all know some foods are better for our health than others, but so many are left in ignorance to dally with the food that gives them comfort, and the illusion of being sedated and cushioned against the stresses and strains of life. Failing to break free of this destructive cycle can lead to a lifetime of metabolic inflexibility, yoyo'ing emotions, weight management issues and poor function in many body systems that preludes disease.

This is why we created RESET EATING. It's a book that will change your life and transform your health by turning what, how and when you eat into powerful medicine. It's also not a fad diet to be picked up and put down when you've achieved your goals. The information contained in its pages offers you a total reset for life if you continue to maintain its principles. One that will get to the core of your health issues and help you regain - and keep - your energy and resilience as it has done for us.

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