In obesity news…

As obesity and its associated disease risks continues to spiral seemingly out of control, it’s clear from our first two items that government led top-down approaches are not working. There is a glimmer of hope though as Australian parliamentarians actively seek new ways to combat type 2 diabetes. All the while governments and health authorities continue on the same track, levels of obesity and chronic disease will continue to increase. The following 3 news items all follow this theme:

Young people, cancer and obesity

A new study highlights the shocking increase in 6 of the 13 cancers known to be linked to obesity in young adults in the US over the last 40 years. Researchers looked at data from 1995 to 2014 for 30 cancers across 25 states in the US from the Cancer in North America database. It is believed that longer and earlier exposure to obesogenic environments and onset of obesity at earlier age has contributed to the rise.

Diet related cardiovascular disease deaths

Almost half of all deaths from cardiovascular disease (CVD) in Europe are attributable to poor diet. That’s the conclusion of a new study based on data from the Global Burden of Disease study in 51 countries. Approximately 601,000 (28.6% of all diet-related CVD deaths) people aged under 70 in the WHO European Region, were found to have died from diet-related cardiovascular disease in 2016. Diets high in processed meat, sodium, sugar-sweetened beverages (SSB) and trans-fatty acids, whilst being low in fibre, fruits, legumes, nuts and seeds, polyunsaturated fatty acids, omega-3 fatty acids, vegetables and whole grains were identified as the main causes contributing to the number of diet related CVD deaths. The researchers estimate that around 1 in 5 premature deaths could be prevented by people improving their diet.

Australian politicians seek UK GP’ help to combat type 2 diabetes

Dr David Unwin is an award-winning UK GP, known for his pioneering approach to tackling type 2 diabetes. Using a low carb, high fat, dietary approach has already saved his practice £57,000 in drug costs and 52 patients have reversed their type 2 diabetes naturally. With this as a backdrop, members of the Education and Health Standing Committee in Australia met with Dr Unwin last week to investigate different approaches to the prevention and management of type 2 diabetes. Dr Unwin said before the visit “drugs will never be the answer to this international epidemic” and “we must invest in prevention by looking at really why this is happening”.

Find out more about how eating natural, nutrient-dense whole foods can help address the underlying causes of metabolic dysregulation fuelling the obesity epidemic and promote metabolic flexibility by visiting our Food4Health campaign.

Irish tax on health

Irish people like to look after their health and consider food supplements a cornerstone of protecting their health. A recent survey conducted by the Irish Health Trade Association (IHTA) found 71% regularly buy supplements. Given the continued rise of chronic disease it is therefore baffling why the Irish government is proposing to hike VAT from 0% to 23% on all supplements from 1st March 2019. Irish President Leo Varadkar caused controversy when he claimed supplements have little or no benefit. Calls have come from the IHTA, Retail Excellence and the Irish Pharmacy Union to rethink the rise, amidst fears it could put some health food shops out of business and lead to staff redundancies as well as the potential increase in reliance on an already over-stretched healthcare system. The IHTA are calling on consumers to sign a petition to support their calls to preserve the 0% VAT on food supplements and facilitate health promotion rather than disease management.

Monsanto’s media manipulation exposed

New court documents allegedly reveal the collusion between a Reuter’s reporter and Monsanto in an effort to discredit the International Agency for research on Cancer’s (IARC) 2015 opinion that glyphosate is a probable carcinogen. Kate Kelland’s ‘investigation’ alleging key findings were left out of the IARC opinion won her a Foreign Press Association Media award. An accusation robustly defended by the IARC. Her article was even used to support an attempt by US politicians to remove funding from the IARC. Once again, Monsanto shows it will stop at nothing to further its cause and protect its profits regardless of the impacts on human health – one of the main reasons for winning the title ‘the world’s most evil corporation’.

US MD sues medical board over vaccine exemptions

Californian MD Dr Ron Kennedy provides vaccine exemptions for Californian parents who are concerned about the safety of vaccines. In a highly unusual move he is taking steps to sue the California Medical Board for their practice of demanding medical records from schools without parent’s permission to allegedly find out which doctors are writing exemptions. MD’s offering vaccine exemptions can be heavily sanctioned and run the risk of losing their medical licence. At ANH-Intl we have long supported the right to make an informed choice.