Swedish municipality bans masks

A municipal court in Halmstad, Sweden has ruled (here an article in English) that there is no scientific evidence for wearing masks to prevent the spread of infectious disease. The ruling has specifically prohibited the use of masks and other forms of PPE in schools. However, such is the level of fear now experienced in the population, that the Halmstad authorities have since backtracked on the ruling to allow the optional use of masks and PPE in school after a huge backlash. There is no general recommendation for the wearing of face masks in the region. As the mainstream rhetoric becomes more fear-based and frenzied, many more are starting to question and challenge the impositions on freedom and the ability to live life without totalitarian control.

Immunity passports become reality

As covid mania continues, many countries are actively seeking to introduce immunity passports (IPs) both domestically and internationally. In Israel, the government is introducing a ‘green passport’ that will discriminate against unvaccinated citizens, preventing them from accessing a wide range of activities. In the UK, where the government has consistently denied it will be introducing immunity passports as it contravenes human rights, Ministers have made a complete 180o turn and are now ruling out nothing. Even for those who purport to care about civil liberties, it’s easy to read between the lines and see where these proposals could go. This is most likely just tip of the iceberg and we can expect more ‘boil the frog slowly’ tactics in the weeks to come regarding restrictions and requirements. Travel company Tradewinds Travel is taking a brave stand against the introduction of IPs, publishing a statement on its website opposing the introduction of immunity passports for those wishing to travel abroad. Quite rightly, it states, “Our view is that mandatory vaccinations, quarantine and travel restrictions are unlawful and impinge hugely on Human Rights”. We greatly look forward to the time when awake and aware citizens choose to stand together and say a quiet, peaceful, but extremely firm No! to further transgressions against our freedoms, liberty and livelihoods.

Practice yoga? Now you’re a conspiracy theorist

People have practiced yoga for its myriad spiritual and health benefits for thousands of years - long before the advent of the term ‘consipiracy theorist’. In an outrageous and insidious article, demonstrating how low journalism can go, the BBC has branded those that practice yoga as conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers. Quoting a cultural historian, the article claims, “Yoga’s emphasis on self-care and self-discovery chimes with people who feel abandoned by governments and healthcare institutions”.

On the contrary, we would say that those who engage in self-care and self-discovery (with a strong sense of spirituality) have no need of today’s mindless, controlling, nanny states choosing instead to be their own guide and master. Yoga is well known for its nurturing of mind, body and spirit, which in turn generates positive attributes like compassion, empathy, self-responsibility and self-awareness. Such self-awareness naturally encourages individuals to question authorities that don’t appear to be acting in the best interests of its citizens. No wonder yoga has suddenly become the latest casualty to be tarred and feathered as a harbour for conspiracy theorists. In today’s censorship and ‘cancel culture’, it’s becoming quite a badge of honour to be dissed by the mainstream.

Autoimmune reactions to covid vaccines

One person has died and dozens more are reported to have developed a rare autoimmune blood disorder called immune thrombocytopenia following receipt of covid vaccines. Dr Michael Gregory died from a brain haemorrhage after he developed immune thrombocytopenia, just two weeks following vaccination. Concerns expressed over the potential for the development of autoimmune diseases following vaccination have been routinely dismissed even though it’s a well-known phenomenon. It’s essential therefore that individuals are fully informed about the potential risks of vaccinating prior to giving consent. We are preparing a list of questions and discussion points that may be helpful in your discussions with vaccinators prior to giving consent.

Lockdown costs

Lockdowns are likely to cost more in lost life-years than those that may have been saved. That’s the conclusion of a new study published in the European Journal of Clinical Oncology looking at delays to treating cancer due to healthcare shutdowns during the pandemic response. The authors also point to the potential for increased mortality from stroke and heart attack. Writing in The Lancet, Martin Kulldorff, co-author of the Great Barrington Declaration, and Günter Kampf call on scientists, public health officials and politicians to undertake a full risk/benefit analysis of the negative health impacts of the brutal restrictions forced on populations over the last 12 months. Something most governments have yet to do. It’s likely the full impacts of the restrictions will continue to be felt for many years to come, but hindsight isn’t always wonderful, especially when people’s lives and livelihoods are at stake.

Vitamin D battles

UK MP, David Davies, has been attacked for supporting the use of vitamin D to combat covid-19 after he cited a Spanish study showing vitamin D supplementation given to covid-19 patients cut death rates by over 50% and ICU admission by 80%. His announcement on Twitter drew heavy criticism from covid-19 researchers. In his Twitter thread he said, “…the findings of this […] study should result in this therapy being administered to every covid patient”. The importance of vitamin D to our health in general has been underpinned by a new study published in Nutrients showing older adults suffering from a range of disease states with higher levels of vitamin D were less likely to be hospitalised. The use of nutritional supplements such as vitamins C and D and zinc to support the immune system, is essential, so it’s ready and able to deal with a range of pathogens and reduce our risk of becoming severely ill.

Universities and free speech

UK universities have been threatened with fines if they stifle freedom of speech. The Education Secretary, Gavin Williamson, is set to appoint a new ‘free speech champion’ to uphold the new rules amid concerns around ‘cancel culture’ and the inability of students and staff to freely express themselves. Such moves by the UK government are extremely hypocritical given its collusion with Big Tech to crackdown on anyone who dares to question the way it’s dealing with the pandemic or express concerns over the harms caused.

Pesticides & gene editing

As part of measures to protect insect populations in Germany farmers will have to phase out their use of glyphosate over the next 3 years. Farmers have criticised the draft legislation saying banning its use will reduce cooperation between farmers and conservationists to improve biodiversity. The new legislation will also ban the use of pesticides that harm bees from certain areas. In the UK, a consultation is taking place on the use of gene editing in animals and plants. Under current legislation, imported from the EU as part of the Brexit process, gene editing is not allowed. The UK government has launched a consultation around current regulations governing its use. Campaign organisation GM Watch has exposed the extent to which government policy could be swayed by commercial concerns by sharing a “Explainer” document designed to guide those responding to the consultation on the benefits of gene editing. However, the guide has inexplicably ‘disappeared’ possibly due to complaints about its bias and blatantly false assertions about the technology. It’s an indication of the potential for the protections afforded by the EU to be swept aside in favour of commercial gain.