Lyn Thyer released!

Amidst the uncertainty and chaos caused by coronavirus comes a glimmer of hope and good news. Having been released from prison, then rearrested and sent back to prison, we can report Lyn Thyer has finally been released by the French Authorities. As we’ve reported previously her unlawful incarceration resulted due to her work developing a natural cancer treatment, GcMaf, which incidentally, may be of particular interest in the current pandemic if Governments were open to it. Her partner, David Noakes, is still wanted by the French authorities but is reported to remain at large. We will continue to monitor the situation and hope that Lyn will be allowed to return to the UK and justice will finally be served. *UPDATE - Sadly Lyn was rearrested as she boarded a bus to return to the UK following her release. We await further news and hope her ordeal will be ended sooner rather than later.

Coronavirus outbreak drives telemedicine upsurge

The struggle to contain the spread of Covid-19 is providing a perfect opportunity for medical authorities to switch patients to the use of remote consultations and ‘virtual care’. In a letter from NHS England GPs have been advised to use phone or video consultations to assess people who fear they may have been infected. In the US patients are being encouraged by one provider to use an app to assess symptoms, which can then progress to a telephone consultation if needed. Despite the multiple advantages to such systems, particularly during a massive disruption such as that caused by the new coronavirus, many may not be able to take advantage of remote consultations. There also remain significant questions over the safety and anonymity of patient data.

5G declared safe by ICNIRP

The International Commission on Non‐Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) has declared that 5G networks do not pose a threat to human health. The declaration comes as it published an update to its 1998 guidelines on exposure to RF/microwave radiation to take account of new technologies such as 5G. In its press release, ICNIRP Chairman, Dr Eric van Rongen, said, "We know parts of the community are concerned about the safety of 5G and we hope the updated guidelines will help put people at ease". The guidelines also include additional guidance for restrictions to exposure to the whole body, some body parts for less than six minutes and the amount of time a small part of the body can be exposed. The updated guidelines effectively dismiss the wealth of compelling concerns expressed by the scientific community and others. In essence, the ICNRIP update gives Big Tech an unfettered green light to press ahead with their 5G implementation plans, regardless of the potential impact on the health of humans, environment and the planet.

Food packaging chemicals harmful to health

A team of international researchers have declared the chemicals found in single use and plastic food packaging pose a ‘global health threat’. Published in Environmental Health the researchers caution that despite thousands of chemicals being used to produce food packaging, very little safety data is available even though it’s known that the chemicals used can migrate into the very foods they protect, posing a threat to human health. Buying an organic veg box can help reduce the amount of packaging you’re exposed to when buying fruit and veg. Many supermarkets now allow you to take your own containers when buying from their deli, meat and fish counters allowing you to use non-toxic containers such as glass, plus there are an increasing number of zero-waste shops that allow you to use your own reusable containers to buy a range of unpackaged dry goods. Not only good for our health, but also that of our planet.

Coeliac disease can damage the brain

Consuming gluten can be harmful for your brain health. Using independent third party data from people with no existing neurological problems as a control, researchers from the University of Sheffield have demonstrated that gluten consumption can cause neurological damage. Significant cognitive impairment was seen in those with coeliac disease when compared with the controls. Many people who experience gluten-related health issues may exhibit neurological symptoms, but show no classic gut symptoms (commonly referred to as silent coeliac disease). This means that the sufferer may never be diagnosed if only availing themselves of mainstream medicine leading to tissue damage, permanent loss of function and the onset of additional, related conditions. Gluten is known to promote a range of chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. If you think gluten may be contributing to your health issues and other medical problems have been ruled out, consider consulting a nutritional practitioner who can help you make changes to your diet and lifestyle and prevent you toppling over the edge of the autoimmune cliff.

And finally… community spirit to the fore

With the ongoing global challenges related to coronavirus we’re really pleased to see Community coming to the fore as people seek to help others who may have had to self-isolate, those who have become ill or need additional help such as the elderly. Across the UK thousands of people are coming together as communities, both online and locally to support each other through the crisis. People are making the most of today’s technology to stay in touch and be socially active. Whatever the long-term effects of the response to the virus we hope very much that the much needed links and communities that are being built remain for ongoing wellbeing of all those involved.

We also salute the UK’s National Trust who have removed the payment barriers and car parks on as many parks and estates that they can keep open to help people deal with the downside of social isolation. Getting out in nature is a wonderful antidote to stress and anxiety, as well as for modulating the immune system. Given the National Trust is a charity, it’s an unprecedented move for unprecedented times. We hope it leads the way for other companies and organisations to contribute to the health and wellbeing of nations. As in any time of challenge, struggle or war, those that can, should.