Mass citizen led protests against covid restrictions

Citizens came together across Europe over the weekend, in contravention of covid social distancing and mask regulations, to protest against draconian covid restrictions. In London, an estimated 35,000 people gathered in Trafalgar Square to hear a range of speakers and express their growing dissatisfaction with the way the UK government has dealt with the pandemic and ongoing restrictions on personal liberties. Mainstream media branded those attending ‘coronavirus deniers' and 'conspiracy theorists'. One of the organisers, Piers Corbyn, was arrested and fined £10,000 under new coronavirus laws designed to prevent such gatherings. Around 38,000 people once again gathered in Berlin after a ban on the gathering was overturned by the German Courts. Smaller gatherings took place in Paris, Copenhagen and Zurich as citizens call for a return to freedom from the restrictions and return to the 'old normal'.

Soup & shake diet to combat diabetes

The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) is rolling out a programme of soups and shakes in an effort to put thousands of type 2 diabetics into remission. The announcement follows Boris Johnson’s recent declaration of war on obesity and the realisation that obesity and T2D put patients at high risk of dying from covid. T2D is currently estimated to cost the NHS £10 billion a year. This doesn't take into account the cost to society as a whole. The year long programme will provide participants with 3 months of ‘total diet replacement products’ in the form of shakes and soups and encourage an increase in levels of exercise. Although shown to be an effective intervention by the DiRECT Trial, such plans do little to resolve issues in the long-term and are far from the healthiest option available to reset metabolic function and put T2D into remission. This model is far more likely to fail those people who are in most in need of it, leading to it being prescribed again and again and again, benefitting only the companies selling the ‘food’ products. Thus perpetuating the dependency/consumer model that is the real elephant in the room.

The covid case for vitamin C

Vitamin C has long been used as way to treat colds and viral infections. It has also been successfully used as part of protocols to treat covid-19 patients despite the insistence of mainstream media and health authorities that it is unproven and therefore should not be used along with the continued rubbishing of the results from such interventions and continued denial of vitamin C’s efficacy both as a treatment and preventative. In his latest article, health journalist and ANH friend, Jerome Burne, takes a closer look at vitamin C’s effectiveness as an anti-inflammatory treatment and its testing in the UK arm of a trial involving vitamin C in UK Intensive Care Units (ICUs). In one ICU that has added modest doses of intravenous vitamin C to its treatment protocol, death rates in covid patients were 8% lower than the average for UK ICU’s. When we become ill our body’s need for vitamin C increases. Unlike other animals, humans can’t make vitamin C so we have to supplement it in some form. As Jerome says, it would be a cheap and safe way for governments to show they're 'following the science' by promoting trials into its use. Although that would then mean there is a treatment for covid-19, which could reduce or negate the need for a vaccine.

Celebrities mask up

Celebrities are ‘leading’ the way when it comes to masking up. The latest to showcase a range of bizarre custom made masks as part of efforts to make them socially acceptable/desirable was Lady Gaga during her appearance at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. True to form she sported a range of bizarre face coverings featuring horns, what looked like a fishbowl, sequins and an LED creation. She told the VMAs audience “Be kind. Mask up!”. It won't be long before we see imitators hitting the high streets, but should we really be following celebrities in normalising the use of face coverings given the damage they can do to our health?

Social isolation causes brain damage

The brains of juvenile mice which are isolated don’t develop properly leading to problems with social interactions. Publishing in Nature Neuroscience researchers found that isolating male mice for 2 weeks after they were weaned, led to problems activating neurons in their prefrontal cortex, which drives social behaviours. Previous research has highlighted the impact of childhood isolation on future mental health, but little was known about the underlying mechanisms of such issues. Although a mouse study the research is of particular relevance given the huge effects of global lockdowns in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and the emerging social impacts.

Health Passport Ireland

Irish authorities have started trials of an electronic health passport system to allow businesses to monitor employees' covid status after testing and to circumvent covid restrictions. There's nothing to say that should an employee refuse to either submit to testing or share their results that they won't then lose their job. The move further increases the already excessive surveillance and control of individuals and is yet another step on the road towards apparent totalitarianism along with loss of hard-won freedoms.

Plain English 5G

In a bid to counter 5G opposition and dispel conspiracy theories, UK ministers have unveiled a ‘plain English’ guide to 5G. The guide aims to help councils across the UK to smooth the passage of new 5G infrastructure, cover-up the very real health risks from the increase of electromagnetic radiation and minimise opposition from local residents.