Coronavirus protests continue

Thousands of citizens in Berlin, Germany, Canada, Paris, France, the Czech Republic and London, UK have continued to express their opposition to stringent, draconian and destructive restrictions brought in by governments globally ostensibly to suppress the spread of Covid-19. Further protests are due to take place in London and the US this coming weekend. As more and more citizens protest, levels of censorship have ramped up even higher than previously, with what appears to be a purge of information that doesn’t conform to mainstream messages. Amongst the casualties is our video exposing the World Economic Forum’s plans for a Great Reset, published on Friday 16th Oct, and the English version of Dr Reiner Fuellmich’s video outlining his upcoming legal challenge against coronavirus restrictions. In Washington DC, America’s Frontline Doctors were out in greater numbers than previously, as they held a second white coat summit to counter the mainstream misinformation campaigns about masks, lockdowns and early treatments for covid-19. Dr Simone Gold said, “…we’re here to give you more truth and more reasons to be optimistic and to not live in fear”.

UK Government ditches ‘Operation Moonshot’!

Following legal action led by the Good Law Project, the UK government’s plans to develop and impose a multi-billion pound testing programme on its citizens, named ‘Operation Moonshot’, has been quietly shelved. The action, jointly initiated by the Good Law Project, Dale Vince, AI Diagnostics and Every Doctor, has caused the Government to quietly agree that the project will now be absorbed into the existing Test and Trace programme. Despite this about face, the Government continues to dodge questions in regard to its plans for a mass testing programme prompting the Good Law Project to continue to press for transparency. With the trialling of a ‘health passport’ underway and speed testing at Heathrow airport, the destruction of citizens’ rights and freedoms continues apace.

Microplastic danger from baby bottles

When heated, baby bottles containing polypropylene may release microplastics that can then be ingested by babies. Researchers from Trinity College Dublin, publishing in Nature Food, tested 10 types of baby bottle that were representative of bottles used globally, using World Health Organization recommended sterilisation and formula preparation conditions. They found millions of microplastic particles whether they used baby formula, deionised water or tap water. For those who are unable to breastfeed, it’s now possible to buy glass baby bottles, which are chemical free and reduce a baby’s exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.

Fluoride is harmful to human brains

The National Toxicology Program in the US has released a draft version of a major review on the harmful effects of fluoride to human health. The review, requested in 2015 by the action group Fluoride Action Network (FAN) due to accumulating evidence of the harm fluoride can cause to children’s brains, has taken four years to complete. The draft report concludes “…that fluoride is presumed to be a cognitive neurodevelopmental hazard to humans”. The report will now go to the National Academies of Sciences of Engineering and Medicine (NASEM) to be reviewed in an open public meeting. The review validates the science showing the harmful effects of fluoride to humans and brings a question mark to the appropriateness of mass medication of people through fluoridation of water and other sources.

Biodiversity on the brink

A new report from Swiss Re brings the fragile state of ecosystems around the world into sharp focus. With over half of the global GDP now dependent on well-functioning biodiversity and ecosystems, 20% of countries worldwide are now at risk of their ecosystems collapsing due a sharp decline in biodiversity. Based on Swiss Re Institute’s new Biodiversity and Economic Services Index the report shows both developing and developed countries face similar challenges. Top of the list of G20 countries most at risk are South Africa and Australia. In a new book, sustainable development organisation Biovision and German farming charity Foundation on Future Farming, sets out the case for the increased use of agroecological farming principles in place of industrialised systems to both protect biodiversity and ensure food security, particularly for people in developing countries.

In Brief

Deanna Minich appointed to ANA Board of Directors   

The ANH team are pleased to offer their congratulations to Deanna Minich on her appointment to the Board of Directors of the American Nutrition Association (ANA) and her new role as President of the ANA’s College of Nutrition. Deanna is a talented, well respected nutrition scientist, educator and practitioner. She has served on the Board of the College since 2014 and will be an asset to both the College and ANA board.

Melania Trump favours natural route to beat Covid-19

Following her brush with Covid-19, Melania Trump has said she chose a more ‘natural route’ consisting of healthy food and vitamins to help her deal with her recent coronavirus infection. The first lady also said she focused on maintaining good mental wellbeing saying it’s a crucial part of the healing process. She also said she kept her morale up by focusing on her family, friendships and work.