By Meleni Aldridge, executive coordinator

I’m not a great one for New Year’s resolutions, but I do love working from a clean slate. Each January offers us the opportunity of an incredibly potent clean slate as much of the world, together, turns towards the new year, full of hope and expectation. People's slates are magically cleaned as we get ready to galvanise into action and rev up to full speed again, hopefully with a bit more fuel in the tank from family, festivities and all-important, rest. The focus of mass consciousness is powerful, so it makes sense to ride the crest of the wave and use the time to honestly critique our lives. ‘Fessing up to what we’d like or know we need to change is cathartic, as well as direction-setting.

This year, possibly more than any that have gone before, requires that we bring our full sovereign self to the fore. We stand not only at the dawn of a new year, but the brink of a new world. Whilst the old is tying itself up in ever more complex, self-defeating, knots and the established order as we have always known it is starting to crumble, it is up to us - each and every one of us - to be clear of heart and intent about what we are putting into the great cauldron of creation. What are we bringing with us into our future? This is a potent co-creative journey, so it matters greatly where we are at, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, if we are to succeed in our chosen endeavours.

For me, resolutions speak only to the hope of change, but initiating a reset requires full immersion into commitment. The beauty of which, is that full commitment calls for full intention and full intention is the creative equivalent of rocket fuel. Energy flows where attention goes…

Using the lens of your Ecological Terrain

The Ecological Terrain refers to the system of 12 distinct, yet exquisitely interconnected areas that influence our health and wellbeing, which we refer to as domains of health.

It’s so named because this is where our terrain (our body, mind and spirit) meets our environment — generating our ecology. We humans are exceptionally complex, genetically and epigenetically unique organisms. Within us are thousands, even millions, of interlinked processes and systems, these interact with the even greater plethora of interlinked connections we have with the outside and non-physical world. All of this forms our terrain that interacts daily with our internal and external environments - emphasising the importance of the ecological interactions that make us who we are.

It’s a lot to get right if we only approach health creation or life change from a linear perspective.

Taking a bird’s eye, macro, view, the four quadrants: Mind, Body, Spirit and Environment, create containers in which reside the 12 domains of health that comprise our personal Ecological Terrain. Creating balance and harmony in all of these domains holds the key to health, happiness and fulfilment because this is the inevitable result of optimising function across all your domains.


>>> Exercise: Creating your own Map of Change

Using the four containers of health (and happiness) influence below, and being guided by suggestions in the boxes, scan your terrain and your ecology to identify what you would like to add to your Map of Change for 2022. Be bold, be expansive and listen to the call of your heart.

Tip: It’s more than ok if you don’t know how to go about making the changes you desire! This isn't a linear process.



Reset - from the ground up

We’re here in physical form and the health and resilience of our body influences so much in our life, even the way we think, feel and behave. These first few months of the year are probably the best time to initiate change for your ‘Body container’ because you’re not alone in your journey and life hasn’t yet kicked into full gear. Approaching your reset from the ground up usually has a beautiful domino effect on so many other areas of life as well.

One of the key levers you can use to reset or reboot your health and resilience relates to the way we ingest or imbibe nature through the food we eat and the fluids we drink. Plain and simple. Food is not just a fuel or energy carrier, it's a rich source of 'information' that informs every cell and action in our bodies, including turning on and off genes. That's why it really matters what food you eat, when you eat it, how you prepare it and what state of mind you're in when you eat it. It's the flow of information that you ingest, provided your gut is healthy enough to assimilate and utilise it, that determines a lot more of our experience of life than many realise.

Consider that food and beverages comprised our first, and for a significant time, only, medicines and that is why so many of our biochemical processes and pathways are reliant on molecules derived from nature that we must consume in our foods or beverages. Your food has the power to create health, alter your trajectory if you're heading down a disease pathway, reset your metabolism, put out the fire of inflammation, turn on powerfully protective cellular mechanisms and so much more. All of which helps to create a level of resilience and flexibility in your mind and body that allows you to meet the challenges of modern life with far less stress and without damaging outcomes.

Here are some suggestions to support the reset of your body container:

To Read

To Watch

To Cook

To Learn


 ** Breaking News **

In less than a month our first book, RESET EATING, will be available from our website, and as of 28th February 2022, from Amazon and other book stores. The eBook will follow. For those of you who purchased a copy of our preliminary eBook of the same name in 2020, this version is an expanded update.


New vistas

The events of the past two years have stretched and tested our resilience at every level - physically, mentally, emotionally, and also spiritually. Yet, far from being powerless in the face of draconian, authoritarian or even totalitarian mandates, we have the power in our own lives to make deep and meaningful changes to shift our experience of what we're having to endure.

Resetting your body container is step one. Over the next 4 weeks we’ll visit the other 3 containers and offer suggestions to prime your creative flow so you can make the most of your clean slate and shift your dial to a new vista.


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