This week we have brought together a selection of interviews which ANH founder Rob Verkerk PhD has participated in recently. Dig in at your convenience, and we hope you find some pearls along the way. Don't forget, if you play them off a mobile device, you can get on and do a bunch of other physical tasks and run them on audio only, if you prefer.

As we continue to engage with others in this ever more polarised world, it's not just information and facts we need. We are all having to re-learn how to talk to each other - especially when we share disparate views. These conversations are as much about how we entertain our conversations as they are about content. 

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ANH Heart2Heart with Dr Mark Trozzi

These conversations took place at the ANH HQ in Chilworth, Surrey, with Rob chatting candidly with Canadian veteran emergency medicine physician, Dr Mark Trozzi as part of the ANH Heart2Heart podcast series. We've already released Part 1 which you can find here. Parts 2 and 3 of Mark and Rob's fascinating conversation are released here for the first time and can be found below:

Part 2

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Part 3

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The Iron Will Report

Rob joined Will Dove of Strong and Free Canada on the Iron WIll Report recently. In the first part of their discussion “First, Do No Harm” OR “Adverse Events are Collateral Damage” Rob and Will discussed the following questions:

  • What's going on that might not be visible to us?
  • How is the healthcare business killing itself (with lack of PV [present value])?
  • How has Africa become the control group for the world’s largest experiment?
  • What is spike protein disease?
  • Do the C19 shots pose risks to fertility?


In part two of their interview 'Resilience to the Threat of Immune Disturbance' their discussion turned to:

  • How are our immune systems coping with the immunological assault?
  • How do we reverse engineer the narrative?
  • How is the evolution of SARS-CoV-2 variants and human resilience to infection related?
  • What about more serious diseases (like Marburg) in the immune disturbed?
  • What is metabolic flexibility?

Corona Investigative Committee

Last but not least of these conversations, on Friday July 22, Rob Verkerk PhD and Dr Kat Lindley joined attorney Dr Reiner Fuellmich and attorney and economist, Viviane Fischer, as part of the Corona Investigative Committee discussions to share the Rob and Kat's findings from their independent analysis of survey data from the Control Group Cooperative.


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